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Summers in the Coachella Valley are grueling. However, Coachella Valley summers will pale in comparison to a wannabe youth athlete in-training’s emotions, and how they will be if he/she doesn’t perform all the necessary training required to excel. The result – any blame of failure will be upon the athlete. There is only one way to assure your child/teenager’s success in their athletic endeavors, and that is by ensuring they are receiving the very best in physical fitness training. And in the Coachella Valley the best is, Kinetix Health & Performance Center.

This year will mark Kinetix Health & Performance Center’s 21st annual edition of its Youth Athlete Conditioning Program In years past, Kinetix Health & Performance Center and its owner/lead trainer, Michael Butler, received local recognition of excellence from the city of
La Quinta for this marvelous educational and training program.

It is remarkable to think that for over two decades, Kinetix has been equipping the athletes of tomorrow with all the condition and strength training they need to become the sports heroes of tomorrow.


Michael Butler, owner of Kinetix’s passion for educating and training the youth on the importance of disciplined training, nutrition, and recovery to excel in sport has been burning brightly for over three decades. This summer, Michael plans to continue his and Kinetix’s legacy as he trains and educates the sports superstars of tomorrow with as much passion and dedication as he has in years passed.

Look and search till your heart’s content. There is no other fitness center, fitness instructor or program located within the Coachella Valley capable of offering youths the quality of training and amenities that Kinetix Health & Performance Center has. From its private indoor/outdoor fitness area to cryotherapy, infrared sauna, A.R.T [active release technique] for pain management, message therapy and more … Kinetix Health & Performance Center is dubbed as a “one-stop-body-shop”, and no one else in the Coachella Valley can claim the same.

If your child/teenager is on the path to a sports scholarship, or has aspirations of a career in professional sports – or if they are looking to become faster, stronger, and gain more endurance, they need to be enrolled into the Kinetix Youth Athlete Conditioning Program this summer.

For further details, contact Kinetix Health & Performance Center at (760) 200-1719. Call soon while space remains.

Kinetix – A Force of Nature

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