By Bronwyn Ison

Without a question what we ingest makes a profound difference in how we feel physically and mentally. We’ve all experienced the lethargic and grumpy feeling after eating something really… l’ll just say it… crappy for you. You may experience bloating, laziness, mood swings, and cravings for more junk. However, when you maintain a healthy diet, chances are you feel quite different. You may experience a surge in energy, a more confident and calmer you, and a feeling of personal pride for taking care of your temple.

Food should be enjoyed and not abused. Educating yourself on what foods to consume will improve your overall well-being. There are several different food and drink choices of which will help elevate your mood.

When it comes to getting a good nights rest you may consider the following; Legumes (especially lentils) more of a comfort food. Mushrooms will aid to better sleep. You may want to add them to your lentils. Try root vegetables. Some are high in Vitamin C and promote weight loss. Then call it a night with some Chamomile or Passionflower tea.


Looking to relax? Surprisingly enough you can enjoy a nibble of dark chocolate with a nice glass of wine (in moderation). Or, you may enjoy a cup of Lavender tea and a few berries as your night cap.

Need to energize? Old faithful coffee and green tea will supercharge you. Nuts and seeds are a perfect energizing snack. Any kind of greens will give you a boost. Fish, seafood and grass-fed meats will provide energizing animal protein. Plus, starchy but colorful veggies are fabulous for your energy too.

Need to focus? Start your day with warm lemon water, a hint of honey and dash of cinnamon. Olives and olive oil along with some leafy greens may improve your memory. Nuts and seeds do the job as well. If you like liver… it’s said to help your memory and allow you to focus better.

Are you a bit moody? Feeling anxious or depressed doesn’t feel great and can make others uncomfortable to be around you. Try enjoying dark chocolate with a friend. Steam some spinach, sprinkle olive oil and add a handful of cooked mushrooms for a delectable side dish to any healthy dinner you are preparing.

These are a few helpful hints to get you going and to uplift your mood… anytime of the day!

Eating is a part of life. When we eat well, we feel great. Why would you choose otherwise? It’s simple to look and feel great if you educate and make the effort.

Happy eating and enjoy!