So you went to a Super Bowl party to watch the 49ers and Kansas City Battle for the championship. Maybe you had too much to drink, or you were hit by someone who had too much to drink. Now what?

Naturally, you need to find a local, award winning, Top Tier PI/DUI lawyer. With accidents, you don’t have to worry about money, because all experienced Accident lawyers represent you on a contingency. This means we take a 1/3 percentage of the settlement. You just need to find a competent, experienced ethical lawyer.

In over 1000 legal columns, over several decades, I have always recommended a local non advertising lawyer. Advertising attorneys have a high volume of cases and can’t pay attention to each client. Thus you may get lost in the shuffle…and with a non-lawyer assistant. Initially, can you afford a private DUI lawyer, or do you ask the court for a public defender. Surprisingly, many TV, Bus Bench and Billboard PI/DUI lawyers don’t get referrals from past clients and friends.

Martindale Hubbell and Avvo have the most respected ratings by Judges and fellow attorneys. An AV from Martindale and 10.0/5 Star from Avvo is the ideal. I have received both along with 25 Top Lawyer awards during my career, but there are others.


CV police routinely make mistakes. A skilled DUI attorney can challenge the arrest or raise other technical defenses and have the charge of DUI dismissed or reduced to a lesser offense, on many cases.

Local experienced lawyers help clients use these errors to mount a successful DUI defense. A good DUI lawyer will carefully examine and aggressively attack all parts of the prosecutor’s case, including: The Stop; Arrest; Refusal; Breath/Blood Tests and FST. So don’t let one night of drinking leave you with a HANGOVER for life.

The reasons you might want to hire a local lawyer: 1) Familiarity with local laws in the PS and Indio courts and the DA’s. 2) Convenience. 3) Established reputation within the legal community, which helps in court. 4) Personalized attention on your case, as they are not juggling a large number of cases in various locations.

There are a few potential defenses that might be used in an Indio DUI case. Common defenses include: 1) Lack of probable cause when the officer didn’t have a valid reason for stopping your vehicle (e.g. speeding, swerving, etc.). If so, then any evidence obtained as a result of the stop may be deemed inadmissible in court. 2) Improper administration of field sobriety tests which can be subjective and may be administered improperly or evaluated unfairly, thus allowing a challenge to the test results. 3) Malfunctioning or improperly calibrated breathalyzers allows you to question the results. 4) Medications or medical conditions that affected your ability to drive safely. 5) Illegal search and seizure when the police violated your Fourth Amendment rights by searching your vehicle or seizing evidence without probable cause.

Each DUI case is unique and the best defense will depend on the specific circumstances of the case. An experienced DUI attorney will be able to review the facts of your case and advise you on the best defense strategy.

“You don’t get 25 Top Lawyer awards without standing on the shoulders of thousands of previous PI/DUI client’s cases, from which you have learned all the trial and error tricks of maximizing the results, and learning what works.”


Dale Gribow leads a “boutique concierge” practice protecting the Critically Injured and Criminally Accused, with over 25 Top Lawyer Awards, 4 Dale Gribow Days, 8 Man of the Year Awards, and awarded Mr. Charity


Cut out this card!


Upon advice of my attorney, Dale Gribow, I exercise my right to remain silent until you contact him at (760) 837-7500 or for an OK. He has advised me the VOLUNTARY FIELD SOBRIETY AND BREATH TESTS, at the scene, are OPTIONAL (unless one is on probation). Thus I elect not to take them. I want to cooperate and am happy to take a BLOOD TEST.