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“Victory” was the cry heard across the United States this past Sunday at Superbowl 58 when the Kansas City Chiefs defeated The San Francisco 49ers, 25-22. Mecole Hardman was the man who had the distinction of the achieving the game-winning touchdown from Patrick Mahomes with 3 seconds remaining on the clock during overtime. This made Kansas City the 10th team to repeat as champions in NFL history. Fans had been on the edge of their seats the entire night. The atmosphere in the stadium was so intense you could have cut it with a knife.

NFL football is unquestionably a staple of the “Americana” sports entertainment diet. Whether young or mature, spectators and fans show up in droves to be a part of the thrill, glitz, glamour, and ambience of one of the United States’ most cherished pastimes. Sadly, perhaps this great love of most Americans won’t be able to sustain itself much longer if something isn’t done to combat the increasingly nagging concern of climate change.

We hear it in schools, at work, and in the news week in week out, year after year. Yet, it appears many aren’t doing a thing to tackle this truly serious issue that threatens to one-day make everything in our glorious world fade to absolute black out.


For forty years, mainstream institutions have been warning us that fossil fuels [that currently power our world] have been, are, and will soon run out. So, what does this mean for us, and what does this mean for football fans, the future of the NFL, and other live televised sporting events?

When you consider the sheer volume of lights, cables, and other visual esthetic machinery that goes into producing a SuperBowl, or a WrestleMania, know that it requires a tremendous amount of fossil fuel energy to do so. Consider how many homes view these events live or during re-runs … That is a lot of energy consumed for just one event. Wouldn’t it be more efficient, don’t you think, if those events, and indeed all energy consumption were powered by a sustainable energy …

In the late 19th century, Nicola Tesla tried to fuel the world using a free-sustainable-energy contraption that was suspiciously dismounted by his competition, and its research discontinued upon Tesla’s death … Tesla’s free-sustainable-energy notion then became a pipe-dream for the longest time, yet today it is a reality.

So, what is stopping you from making the switch to sustainable energy that will not only save you $ thousands of dollars, it will, in-part, help preserve things like the SuperBowl for you and for generations to come. If we don’t make the switch to an energy source that doesn’t have an imminent expiration date like [the sun], everything we know and enjoy will eventually fade to black.

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