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This week we introduce the Art Director for the S.E.L.M.A. Coachella Valley Chapter. Leo Fuchs has become a pivotal part of the organizations growth. S.E.L.M.A. was lucky enough to be hosting a gallery opening on El Paseo in November when a beautifully maturing man joined the festivities with fliers of his own. He was serendipitously promoting for his own ART CLASSES, taught all throughout the Valley. ( see class schedule below) It is obvious that his presence of professionalism and knowledge about the details in Art Education have become priceless to the entire SELMA community. Not only has Mr. Leo Fuchs attended every executive board meeting with S.E.L.M.A. for over a year now but he has also taken over the SELMA seasonal Local Art Gallery located inside Diamonds of Splendor @ 73400 #B3 El Paseo, to re- open November – May. But Mr. Leo will still be busy this summer conducting a series of introductory courses at our new office located inside of All Desert Wellness Centers (A.D.W.C)

“Current education, public and private, is struggling with a variety of …boredom (Boredom) originally began…in response to industrial workers being bored on the job…Research has found that students, similar to early industrial workers, tend to repress their personal drives and desires and are not engaged in a positive desire based, goal oriented outcome (of) activity… The goal of New School Education is to envision the future rather than memorizing the past. Creative, future based thinking is … essential… to involving students in a …process that garners their interest, and brings passion, fascination, curiosity, and creative problem solving into the learning process.” _Leo Fuchs

Mr. Leo Fuchs can also be appreciated as he teaches at these fine local establishments.
VENUS ART STUDIO- 74280 Highway 111 Palm Desert, CA 92260
(760) 340-5085 Schedule: Wed draw / paint adult 1-4 pm progressive, Tues Kids 4-6pm progressive , Fri teens 3-6 pm progressive
DESERT ARTS CENTER- 550 North Palm Canyon Drive, Palm Springs, CA 92262 (760) 323-7973 Schedule: Mon drawing adult 9am -12pm progressive, 1-4pm Kids and Teens progressive.
.If you are interested in joining the SELMA CLUB and these SELMA classes please call the Vice President Terra Schmid @ (760)565-6591, email_anditwasgood@live.com.
We are located at 74200 Hwy 111 Palm Desert (Cross Street: 111+ El Paseo EAST) A.D.W.C. FREE to Member CLASS Schedule: Fri 10am-1pm adult Intro to Art, 3:30-5:30pm kids and teens Intro to Art.


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