By Denise Ortuno

There’s no doubt about it, I love Mexican food! I could literally eat some version of it every day. But if I’m to be completely honest, I’ve never been one to go out of my way to order the taco on any menu. I’m more inclined to have an enchilada, a burrito, Chili Verde, or my beloved Carnitas. But that was before I discovered Taco Shop 760. I am not kidding when I say that I crave their food weekly, and if my waistline would permit it without protest, I would be devouring one of their Kesataco’s with a side of consommé daily.

The Taco Shop 760 phenomenon started back in 2019 in a humble patio, and then flourished to bigger spot housed in a liquor store 2 years later, and then finally a full restaurant with comfy seating in 2021. But wait, there’s more, yes one more luscious Taco Shop 760 in Coachella which opened in 2022, and for those of you who want their food at your event, well, they are mobile too offering catering with their food truck.

So what makes Taco Shop 760 so good? Simply put, it is their incredible Beef Birria, tender and flavorful, and pretty addicting. Birria is a beef cooked (traditionally goat meat) in a stew like braising liquid, laden with rich flavors from the meat and spices. Taco Shop 760 serves up their Beef Birria in a variety of ways. Restaurant patrons can get Birria in a Burrito, with fries, in a Chimichanga, on a plate with rice and beans, a Torta (super good), Ramen (yes, I said ramen) and myriad of other ways. But for me, my fave is the Kesataco. This deluge of deliciousness comes in a tortilla with cheese melted on the inside, then blanketed with the tender Birria, and topped with all the tasty taco toppings. Besides all of the ingredients that make the Kesataco so amazing, it is an outside element that puts it over the top, and that would be the consommé. It is the Birria broth, with lemon, salsa, and the taco toppings that is used to dip the Kesataco into.  Oh my goodness!!! I’m telling you, if you have ever loved tacos, this one is for the books! Of course it’s always fun to start off the meal at Taco Shop 760 with an order of their chips and beans. I know that it might sound rudimentary, but there is something about the way that they make their beans, coupled with the trio of hot sauces that are let loose on the table to use at your own risk, and the chips that are kind of flaky but crisp. Seriously, it gives traditional chips and salsa a run for the money.


So if you’re in the 760 area code, or any area code for that matter, and looking for some amazing Birria a ton of ways, and one unforgettable Kesataco, dial yourself over to Taco Shop 760.

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