Don’t just shed layers of clothing in the desert heat, start shedding unnecessary layers of skin too. I’m not talking about taking it all off, but take off some… Little by little until you’re comfortable in your new fresh and radiant skin. Yes, it’s time to strip down and exfoliate!

Exfoliating can be done in many ways. It can be superficial or deep, clean and simple or downright intense and dirty. Exfoliation can be done physically or chemically and the goal is to remove the dull outermost layer of the epidermis in order to reveal a brighter healthier you. Removing the dead skin cells on your face and body not only gives your skin a healthier glow, in helps maintain the health of your body’s largest organ.

Exfoliation cleanses your skin and allows your cells to breathe by removing dirt, dead cells, excessive oils and toxins. It helps to reduce acne breakouts and allows for better absorption of nutrients and cosmeceuticals. That $200 anti-wrinkle cream, acne treatment and serum will work better after the dull barrier has been removed, giving you a better return on your investment all around.

If you haven’t made much of an investment in your skin care regime and don’t plan to, start by grabbing a soft washcloth. Use it every other day to get an extra boost during you daily routine and watch your new skin glow. Or try incorporating an inexpensive electric brush. Handheld sonic brushes for cleansing and exfoliating are gaining popularity for a good cause. Portable and easy to use, a soft-bristled brush will cleanse your skin better than you thought possible, leaving it smooth and glowing. I use my sonic brush once daily, usually at night to make sure I’ve thoroughly removed the impurities of the day.


Face and body scrubs are easy to use during your daily shower. Choose a scrub with small round spherical beads that doesn’t tear and abrade the skin, such as Skin Polisher by Skin Medica. I never hesitate to use a product for the face on the body, but I don’t recommend using products intended for the body on the face and neck. The Bamboo Polishing Powder from The Body Deli is a fabulous and affordable way to supplement your current cleanser and it can turn just about any product into a gentle and effective exfoliant.

Looking for a more serious exfoliation? Try the Aveda Tourmaline Facial offered at Raphael’s Salon in Palm Springs. This newer facial treatment by caring and skilled estheticians produces excellent and effective results comparable to microdermabrasion in a beautiful salon/spa atmosphere.

Finding the right balance for your skin type may require some effort and help from a professional. Consulting a knowledgable esthetician would be a great place to start, but even beauty professionals such as the staff at CosBar on ElPaseo will be happy to help choose the right products for your skin type. Whatever option you choose to take it off, don’t forget to put on your moisturizer and sunscreen!