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It’s difficult to believe that it has been 5 years since the creation of WWE’s most prominent competition in over 20 years, AEW [All Elite Wrestling]. The spark that lit the fire beneath the new juggernaut’s engine was the signing of former WWE and WCW living legend, The Lionheart, The Painmaker, Mr. Y2J … Chris Jericho.

Since 2019, AEW has created a steady stream of new wrestling superstars, while showcasing several legends, including Billy Gunn, and Sting.

Sting made his wrestling debut during the 1980’s. Five years ago, no one would have ever assumed he would be able to make a comeback following a WWE botch by Seth Rollins that almost cost Sting his career almost a decade ago. Yet, after much prayer and rehabilitation, Sting came back and spent the last three years – now in his sixties, finishing up the legacy of his epic career with AEW.


Wrestling enthusiasts will know now that WWE was purchased in 2023 by a group forged in the depths of Hollywood, TKO. The Rock, and HHH now sit atop the former Vince McMahon empire, and since these two’s move to power WWE has certainly been redefined. On the opposite side of the competition, AEW is owned and operated by Tony Khan. Tony is the son of Shahid Khan, owner of American Football’s Jacksonville Jaguars.

Tony Khan has been a lifelong professional wrestling fan whose passion and personality have made him one of the most likeable CEO’S in the industry. However, on an episode of AEW’s flagship show Dynamite last week, Tony’s EVP’s, Rancho Cucamonga’s own, Mathew and Nicholas Jackson, collectively The Young Bucks, took a leap of faith with their friend Jack Perry. Jack is the son of late Beverly Hills 90210 actor, Luke Perry. Mathew and Nicholas, scooped up their boss, Tony Khan, who had just reinstated Jack, and proceeded to assault him on live television.

The situation left Tony Khan in a neck brace, and obviously bitter from the tumultuous beating. Yet, this didn’t stop Tony from committing to his schedule and appearing on the NFL Network before The Draft. On the show, Tony took a shot at WWE when he called them “evil” and said “WWE is the Harvey Weinstein of professional wrestling.” Tony was more-than-likely making a reference to the current Vince McMahon scandal. McMahon has been accused of forcing a former female employee of committing depraved acts. These are allegations. Nothing has been proven at this juncture.

It seems that tensions between the WWE and AEW are heightening, yet this bitter rivalry will not heat up as much as the whirlwind that will be stirred up when AEW makes its epic debut at the Acrisure Arena for a live episode of AEW Saturday Night Collision on Saturday, May 30th 2024. Tickets are now available at, or you may contact the Acrisure Arena for more details.

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