I want to welcome you all in this month of gratitude. For me personally, November has always been about stopping for a moment and taking time to appreciate what we have, as well as spend time with our loved ones and lend a helping hand to the less privileged ones.

In this post I want to share my thoughts on living the gratitude and bringing the values of Thanksgiving into our lives.

How do you express gratitude?


My idea of expressing gratitude is, first of all, sharing what we have with others be it our time, resources, knowledge, and so on. The most wholesome thing is to share it with those in need. For me, engaging in charitable work is an important way to express gratitude for all the good I have in life and a chance of making someone else’s life a little bit better. Another way of living out the spirit of Thanksgiving, for me, is taking the time to choose special gifts for the people I care about. I believe that the cost of the gift is irrelevant. But a thoughtful gift will always bring a smile to any person’s face and create an unforgettable warm memory. I sincerely believe in the magic of Thanksgiving. Although we should be practicing gratitude and helping others all year round, it is this holiday that reminds us of what’s important and what we forget in our hectic lives. It’s an amazing time for families to come together to celebrate their gratitude for all the blessings in their lives. And of course, together we can not only celebrate within our close circle but also share what we have with others who may need it. This is why in the spirit of gratitude, the Send Me A Trainer team is excited to announce our Thanksgiving and Gratitude Week with SMAT Trainers! During this week, our trainers will go live on Facebook, share special recipes, and organize giveaways. It’s an excellent opportunity not only to receive valuable advice but also to feel a sense of community where everyone can contribute to creating a more caring world.

Remember, gratitude isn’t just a word—it’s a way of life. Let’s inspire each other to spread kindness, share love and care, and make this month something truly special for everyone!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Best in Health, Team SMAT 760-880-9904