By Tracy Dietlin

Below you will find the Nominees in 37 categories for the 2017 CV Music Awards to be held Sunday, June 4 at the Riviera Resort in Palm Springs. Keep in mind that you can only vote one time from each device (one per wifi or data connection). We have several NEW categories this year: Best R&B, Best Individual Instrumental Performance, Best Instrumental Band, Best Youth Band and Best Local Music Event. We have also expanded the number of nominees in several categories that warranted such due to many ties that I did not want to have to personally break. I will leave that up to all of you voting. The music scene has expanded drastically in the valley over the last couple years and this ballot and these categories reflect just that. Deadline to cast your vote is Thursday, May 4 by midnight. GOOD LUCK!


Best Band


The Flusters

Hive Minds




Gene Evaro Jr. & The Family


5th Town

You Know Who

Black Water Gospel


Best Rock Band

Blasting Echo

Mighty Jack


Slipping Into Darkness


Sunday Funeral


Best Metal Band



In the Name of the Dead


Drop Mob

Kill the Radio


Best Punk Band


Throw the Goat

Sweat Act

You Know Who

Upper Class Poverty

Whiskey & Knives


Best Alternative Rock Band


Yip Yops


Venus & The Traps

The Hive Minds

The Flusters

Sun Drug



The Kathys


Best Rap/Hip-Hop Band/Performer

Thr3 Strykes


J Patron

Desert Pirates

The Bermuda

Tiptoe Stallone

Million & Albertini


2 Toxic Carlos Cruz

Marco Thoma


Best Reggae Band/Artist

Desert Rhythm Project

Irie Junctions


Higher Heights


Cakes & Brains


Best Jazz Vocals

Rose Mallet

Slim Man

Trish Hatley

Keisha D

John Stanley King

Frank DeSalvo


Best Jazz Instrumental

Will Donato

Chase Huna

Alex Santana

Brian Nova

Mikole Karr

Pat Rizzo


Best Blues Band/Artist

Kal David

John Carey

Black Water Gospel


Deanna Bogart

Barry Baughn


Best Country Band/Artist

Lisa & The Gents

Rick Shelley

Kelly Derrickson

R Buckle Road

Jann Browne

Brian Scott


Best Adult Contemporary Band/Artist

Gina Carey

Jimi Fitz

Mark Gregg

John Stanley King

Michael Keeth

Barry Minniefield


Best R&B Artist *New Category

Eevaan Tre

Porsia Camille

Cakes (Monica Morones)

Gina Carey

Smooth Brothers

Will Kelly


Best Duo

Mikey Reyes & Bryanna Evaro

Josh Hall & Josh Fimbres

David Macias & Giselle Woo

Giselle Woo & Symara Stone

Michael Keeth & Martin Barrera

Sean Wheeler & Zander Schloss


Best New Band

Black Water Gospel

Sun Drug

Drop Mob


The After Lashes

Death in Pretty Wrapping


Best Live Performance Band

Eevaan Tre & The Show


The Flusters

Drum Hall

Yip Yops


You Know Who

5th Town          

Throw the Goat

Right On Right On


Best Cover Band

Long Duk Dong


Aphrodisiac Jacket


The Refills

Dude Jones

Wild Sons

212 Band


Best Youth Band (Members under 20 years old) *New Category  



Yip Yops


Minor Emergency

D Tension


Best Female Vocalist

Christina Reyes

Hannah Mills

Courtney Chambers

Lisa Lynn Morgan

Giselle Woo

Symara Stone

Chelsea Sugarbritches

Porsia Camille


Best Male Vocalist

Michael Keeth

Josh Heinz

Eevaan Tre

Rick Shelley

Lance Reibsomer

Will Sturgeon

Dougie Van Sant

Derek Jordan Gregg


Best Frontman

Josh Heinz

Dougie VanSant

Jim Cathcart

Richie Jano

Nico Flores

Ison Van Winkle

Gabe Perez

James Johnson


Best Frontwoman

Christina Reyes

Chelsea Sugarbritches

Cakes (Monica Morones)

Courtney Chambers

Esther Sanchez

Lisa Lynn Morgan

Jesika von Rabbit

Esjay Jones


Best Guitar

Kal David

Jacob Miller

Arthur Seay

Bobby Nichols

Mike Pygmie

Joseph Vaughn

Tom Edwards

David Macias

Alex Santana

Martin Barrera


Best Bass

Brett McLaughlin

Aaron Ramson

Dan Wheat

Mondo Flores

David Morales

Bryanna Evaro

Jerry Bryson

Mario Estrada

Dylan Brown

Dub Wallace


Best Drummer

Troy Whitford

Rob Peterson

KT Zapcart

Steven Hall

Jeff Bowman

Eric Mouness

Mike Cancino

Greg Saenz

John Camacho

Corwin Hendricks


Best Keyboards

Linda Lemke-Heinz

Herbert (Lienau)

Will Sturgeon

Andy Cahan

Christina Reyes

Charlie Ellis

Mari Brossfield

Ronnie King

Bobby Furgo

Eevaan Tre


Best Individual Instrumental Performance (Violin, Fiddle, Flute, Saxophone, etc.) *New category

Linda Lemke-Heinz – Flute

Bri Cherry – Violin

Johnny Robbins – Ukulele

Eric Frankson – Fiddle

Scott Kisinger – Trombone

Chase Huna – Saxophone


Best Instrumental Band

Sun Drug

Penny Unniversity

Drum Hall




Best Club DJ

DJ Alf Alpha

DJ Paparazzi

DJ Alex Harrington

DJ Femme A

DJ Amavida

DJ Tone

DJ Shasta

DJ Trevor Worden

DJ Day

DJ Jae Rawkwell


Best Event DJ

DJ Smoke 1

DJ Journee

DJ Alf Alpha

Alex Updike

The Deep Ones

DJ Sugarfree

DJ Trevor Worden

DJ SupaJames

Paul Zepeda

DJ Luthergates


Best Producer

Esjay Jones

Ronnie King

Jim Heil/SongMeister

Brad Garrow

Chris Unck

J Patron


Best Club Promoter

Kristen Reinhagen

Morgan James

Lisa Lynn Morgan

Mr. Miami

Noe Gutierrez

Esjay Jones

Steve Johns

Tiptoe Stallone

Johnny Sugarbritches

Omar Czar


Best Event Promoter

BB Ingle

Paul Zepeda

Steve Johns

Noe Gutierrez

Abel Lujan

Bobby Jesse Tostado

Barnett English

CV Art Scene

Ray Phillips RSP Productions

Kristen Reinhagen


Best Live Performance Venue

Date Shed

Big Rock Pub

The Hood Bar & Pizza

Plan B

Tack Room Tavern

Palm Canyon Roadhouse

Hard Rock Hotel PS

Bart Lounge

Pappy & Harriet’s

Red Barn


Best Band Photographer

Chris Miller

Laura Hunt Little

Scott Pam

Esther Sanchez

Steve Young

George Duchannes

Caesar Rodriguez

Cory Courtney


Best Unsigned Album (Release date between March 1, 2016 and March 15, 2017)

The Hellions – Hymns From the Other Side

Throw the Goat – “Vote Goat”

Murkocet – “Digging Mercy’s Grave”

Rick Shelley – “Hope Wrapped in Razor Wire”

Hive Minds – “Really Don’t Mind the Waiting”

Blasting Echo – “Uso-tsuki Mendax”

The Flusters – “Extended Play 1”

Thr3Strykes – “[CMNCTN-BRKDWN]”

The Adobe Collective – “Take Heart, Take Care”

Gene Evaro Jr. – “Too Good to Believe”


Best Local Music Event 2016 *New Category  

Autism Benefit Thank You For Voting!

End of the World Benefit at Schmidy’s

Jimi Fitz & Friends Christmas at McCallum


Warburton Rheney-Palooza Jam

Joshua Tree Music Festival

RWB Experience