By Morgan James

The Allah-Las are playing Coachella this year and thrilled to be in town after a month long US tour in March. The popular Los Angeles based band is looking forward to rocking the stage for a second time- the first time being in 2015. This time around, songs from the band’s newest album Calico Review will be played along with fan favorites off of their other older albums. Allah-Las are comprised of Matthew Correia, Spencer Dunham, Miles Michaud, and Pedrum Siadatian, who have been busy in the last couple years writing and touring. Each member will bring their enthusiasm to that Coachella stage this year as they share their fresh new music. I spoke with Pedrum about their recent tour, the band’s new album, and what he’s looking forward to this year while playing Coachella.

MJ: Tell me about your recent US tour- which cities did you find had the most energy and did you found most receptive to your music?

PS: “The New York show for sure, Detroit was great, Austin was great, and Salt Lake City, which was the last stop, was really great too. Most of the shows were really cool. We finished our US tour a few days ago. We have about a week of downtime before Coachella, then in May we’re going to Australia for the first time. We’ll be touring around Australia. I think we have five or six shows booked.”


MJ: Did you find that fans are enjoying the latest album or asking more for the older material?

PS: “Some people feel really attached to the first record because it is really simply a rock and roll record whereas the newer stuff is a little more nuanced and weirder so it takes more time to grow with it.”

MJ: What songs do you feel most connected to and do you enjoy playing most?

PS: “I like playing “Warmed Kippers” and “Autumn Dawn,” but I like playing the newest songs just because we haven’t played them as much, so they are a little fresher. We play songs from all of the records, but I guess the newer songs are the most fun for me.”

MJ: How are your songs written? Has this method been consistent throughout your history as a band?

PS: “Our songs are mostly written individually. One of us will write out the lyrics and chords and bring it to the band. Then the band will kind of fiddle and fill out the rest. Both of the last two albums were written this way.”

MJ: Do you have any surprises planned for fans at Coachella?

PS: “Oh yeah, all kinds of antics! But seriously, yeah we have some things planned. Some visual elements that I think will be pretty cool.”

MJ: Are there other acts you will be making sure to check out while you are at Coachella?

PS: “Chicano Batman is pretty good from what I’ve seen so maybe I’ll check them out. Mac Demarco, King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard, New Order… Lady Gaga too, I’ll probably check her out.”

MJ: What’s next for the Allah-Las? Once your May Australian tour is over, will you be writing more music?

PS: “We are always writing on and off. We have an EP of covers coming out this Summer. We will be covering a few different bands and styles and making it our own thing.”

This interview was done after we went to press last week and before The Allah-Las played this past Weekend 1. They will perform again on Sunday, April 23 at 5:20 in the Sonora tent.