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Wright Health Insurance Agency has been awarded the 2022 Better Business Bureau Ethics Award – Marketplace Excellence – Small Business. The award is presented annually by the Better Business Bureau to three companies in three categories located between Madera County, and the Mexico Border. Categories are as follows: Small business (1 to 10 employees) Medium business (11-50 employees) Large business (50+ employees).

Nominations for the award came flooding in from Wright Health Insurance Agency clients, each sharing not only a nomination, but multi-paragraphed reasons why the agency deserved the prestigious recognition. The overwhelming number of nominations set a new standard shattering the previous Better Business Bureau’s record for total number of nominations received for a single business.

Better Business Bureau President and CEO of the Central California and Inland Empire Counties, Mr. Blair Looney, personally traveled to Indio and presented Doug Wright, co-owner of Wright Health Insurance Agency the award.


The award is a remarkable achievement, and a surprise – certainly nothing Doug and his wife Linda Wright, co-owner of Wright Health Insurance Agency, were ever expecting.

“We entered this business because we saw a drastic need. We wanted to help the ever-growing senior community get the right medical insurance and the right coverage without complication”, says Doug.

Doug and Linda began their business a little over a decade ago with a dream of helping others with their healthcare needs. What began as Doug and Linda’s leap of faith turned from a slow crawl into a snowball; Better Business Bureau recognized, and thousands of satisfied clients.

During the first decade of the millennium, Doug observed the difficulty individuals had understanding the numerous choices in the healthcare marketplace. He quickly identified that without professional guidance from someone who works in the field that establishing the right healthcare plan and the right healthcare coverage, set up the right way was in drastic need. He subsequently reviewed the total number of independent agencies that were attempting to satisfy the ever-growing senior population in the Coachella Valley and found that there was a void that needed to be filled.

Wright Health Insurance Agency believes that people dislike being sold, but rather truly appreciate being given knowledgeable advice. This transparency and helpful approach to every prospect or client that works with Wright Health Insurance Agency has made the agency what it is today. To make things better, everything Wright Health Insurance Agency does is free of charge. Clients are never charged for any of the services they provide.

Wright Health Insurance Agency’s extra touch with clients is service as you used to know it. Doug says, “It is service like the old days when doctors would call you back, or even make a house call!”

To round out the team are, Yvonne Abrahamian, Jonathan Smith, and Gabriel Smith, who all live and breathe the “client first” philosophy and are up to date with current industry changes.

Health is a vital factor in each of our lives. We all want to be healthy, and we all do our best. That is why we need the best consummate professionals in our corner. Wright Health Insurance Agency understands the medical insurance world fluently. They make certain that you get the right health plans, and the right health coverage.

Congratulations Wright Health Insurance Agency, Doug, Linda, their entire team, and thank you for all that you do. Well done!