Born and raised in the Coachella Valley, DJ Bigster, whose real name is Mario Nuno, was really into cars like many boys going to Cathedral City high school. Bigster loved everything about cars from working on them to doing custom body work. All that changed once he graduated from high school and moved to Las Vegas to hang out with his good friend, DJ Supa James. It was there the Bigster fell in love with the DJ world.
Like many DJs starting out, Bigster took on a few private parties here and there with an occasional wedding to get his feet wet. After getting comfortable with mobile gigs, Bigster worked his way into night clubs once he turned 21. He began to feel more comfortable behind the turn tables and learned how to work the crowd with his song selections, “at first I would always black out and rush down a list of songs, now I do it so much that I can go off the top of my head no problem,” Bigster says with confidence. While he had learned to master mixing and selecting songs to keep a dance floor packed, Bister confessed on his off time he is a metal head listening to a little Slipknot and Metallica.
His friend, DJ Supa James, who was working on air at NOW 104.3 in Las Vegas (which is also heard in Palm Springs on Hot Hits 97.7 and in San Francisco on 92.7 KREV) got Bigster a job mixing on his radio show(he was also the one responsible for giving Bigster his DJ name). Four years after moving to Sin City, Bigster was offered a job working at Zelda’s night club in Palm Springs and mixing on-air at U- 92.7, which is a part of the Desert Radio Group, also in Palm Springs. It was no surprise His long-time friend DJ Supa James, would eventually joined him on the mix show at U-92.7 since the two were inseparable.
His funny, clown like attitude and larger than life personality is what began to set Bigster apart from other Djs in this market. Word got out of his re-mixing skills which soon began catching the ear of local promoters like BB Ingle, who has tapped into Bisgters skills for some of his recent events. Three years after returning to the Coachella Valley the Bigster was offered a job by his previous employer, Royce International. You can now hear Bigster on the Five O’clock mix show airing in Las Vegas on 104.3, Palm Springs on 97.7 and San Francisco on 92.7.
Bigster’s mixing career is blowing up as he enjoys traveling between Palm Springs and Las Vegas playing in clubs, doing private events for celebrities and working for three radio stations. If you would like to contact Bigster you can e-mail him at:

Written by: Craig Michaels
Musical Affair Entertainment
(760) 619-3276