At 5 p.m. on one of the hottest days in May 2013 at the 6th Annual Concert for Autism The Bobby Nichols Band took the stage to open the multi-act charity event. Despite the sweltering heat the blues were delivered and the musicianship was apparent.
The Bobby Nichols Band is the culmination of three gifted musicians and the passion of band leader Bobby Nichols. Bringing together three world class players, entertainment of this caliber is rarely experienced away from the big cities of New York and Los Angeles. Their sound combines the best of jazz, funk and rock and is performed in an improvisational manner allowing the band to do what they do best, push the limits and explore the depths of some completely infectious and highly melodic grooves. The Bobby Nichols Band is an organic, rhythmic groove machine. It is implausible that someone would sit still during a performance. I didn’t.
Guitarist & composer Bobby Nichols has previously been named the ‘Best Jazz and Rock Guitarist’ in the Coachella Valley by the Desert Sun. He has shared the stage and recorded with such diverse artists as Melanie, Greg Allman, Oliver Lake, Karl Berger, Hall & Oates, Leo Smith, and many others. He has studied guitar and played all over the world from Chile and Brazil to Florida and California. His style is influenced by the rhythmic, melodic sounds of so many regions it has become a sound all his own. Nichols is redefining what improvisational music really is, taking risks and delving deep into songs allowing them to move and breathe freely in front of a live audience.
Hailing from Chicago, Les Falconer is one of the most sought after performance drummers in Southern California. Falconer has worked and toured with Billy Preston, Toni Braxton, Johnny Guitar Watson and numerous others. Falconer currently tours nationally with both The Robert Cray Band and Keb Mo. Falconer declares The Bobby Nichols Band experience to be his favorite musical endeavor for allowing him an opportunity to play with some of the best in a completely free and creative environment.
Bassist & composer Baba Elefante was voted one of the nation’s top bass players in a Bass Player Magazine poll. His studio work spans television, movies, and several recordings. Baba has performed with jazz trumpeter Roy Hargrove, saxophonists Brandon Fields, Pete Christlieb and Justo Almario, “Yes” keyboardist Patrick Moraz, The Lee Oskar Band and many others.
Currently the band performs monthly at The Ace Hotel in Palm Springs and they have received well-deserved critical acclaim from local press and music critics. Recent performances have included violinist extraordinaire Bob Furgo. The band is preparing to tour nationally next fall and will be performing locally for the next several months.
What happens when you combine the creative guitar genius of Bobby Nichols with an amazing rhythm section and exciting guest artists? Something magical! Beginning June 12th, 2013, Kokopelli’s Kantina in Yucca Valley will kick off a special summer music series, “Bobby Nichols’ Jammin’ Summer Sessions”. Every other Wednesday night at 8:00 p.m. Nicholls will begin pairing up with some of the desert’s finest musicians to create improvisational musical performances that will blend styles and genres to create something fresh and new each show. And what is even more exciting is these shows are FREE! Live podcasts of the bi- weekly events will be featured on local airwaves on several radio stations (TBA).
This quest to continue his creative evolution has landed Nicholls in some very interesting conceptual situations and the music that has resulted has been amazing. The current answer to this beautiful dilemma is bassist Damian Lester of the Shadow Mountain Band and drummer Dennis McDade. A whole other kind of sound is created by the combination of these three minds. It’s soulful, nuclear and has a definite Joshua Tree vibe. This will be the backbone of the Summer Sessions.
Adding another guest artist to the line-up will make each show a completely unique experience. One such performance happened one night last April. Guitarist Clive Wright, another desert treasure contacted Nicholls to play a last minute show at Kokopelli’s on a Friday night. With only two day’s notice, Nicholls made a couple of phone calls and put together rhythm section, Lester and McDade, to join the two of them for what can only be described as a high caliber jam session. Nicholls recalls, “The result was an enchanting night of live music and a room full of extremely happy guests. International Harmonica Champion, Hurricane David McChesney and Singer/songwriter Rojer Arnold sat in that night and the response has been overwhelming to recreate the evening’s magic. So much so, it became clear to Kokopelli manager Roberto Absolor and me that this idea had to be revisited.”
To kick off the exciting summer series, on Wednesday, June 12th, at 8 p.m. Nichols will pair up with international recording artist Robbie Robb, of Tribe After Tribe and Machin’. Robb recently performed at the Joshua Tree Music Festival with his symphonic endeavor Third Ear Experience. The two of them will visit some new and highly imaginative places, a musical journey no one will want to miss. On June 26th, Nichols will again pair up with textural guitarist Clive Wright and embark upon an evening of harmonic intoxication. Nichols expects the unknown. “Where these adventures will take us no one knows for sure and perhaps that is what makes the trip so fun. What we do know is music just got a whole lot better in the high desert.”
These are the first of several shows planned at Kokopelli’s Kantina that feature Bobby Nichols’ Jammin’ Summer Sessions. Kokopelli’s is an excellent venue to witness live music. The stage, lights, great food and reasonably priced full bar are some of the amenities.

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