The CMFs are Joseph Vaughan on guitars and vocals, Jasyn Smith on percussion and Matt King on bass. I don’t particularly care for any artist that would have the gall to use a vulgarity in the title of their artist name,  hence my initial disregard for the band five years ago when they hit the local desert music scene as The Classy Mother F?ckers. Over time, I was convinced by the band to ask myself, “What is REALLY in a name?” But if you’re talkin’ acronyms, I’m all for it! I give you The CMFs!

Coachella Valley Weekly caught up with the tawdry trio to see what they have been conjuring up.

CVW: What have The CMFs been up to since the pandemic began?


The CMFs: “Well, COVID-19 obviously came as quite the shock. We were in the process of finishing up our debut album, Chaka, and honestly figured the whole thing would blow over by the time we released it, but here we are just about a year later. Our album has dropped on all major platforms, and yet we’re still unable to play any shows in support of it, or any other new music we have in the works.”

CVW: It really has been a potential death sentence for live music artists. How have you dudes remained resilient?
The CMFs:
“It really is a bummer, but fortunately we had already started to work on our YouTube channel just before COVID hit. So we have managed to remain hard at work throughout the lockdown, releasing everything from goofy skits to sports analysis shows, as well as live jam session performances while we took our time building up our studio and equipment in order to become fully independent in terms of recording and releasing music. And so everything you hear or see from us this year will have been written, recorded and produced by The CMFs!”

CVW: THE CMFs have released some interesting video pieces during COVID. How have you maintained your relevancy and what will you do to keep it going?
The CMFs:
“Releasing music during quarantine has definitely posed a challenge, yet an interesting opportunity as well. There is certainly no better way to capture an individual’s or audience’s attention than a raw and powerful live performance. However, considering we’re unable to take advantage of that at the moment, it has forced us to get creative in order to stay relevant, and in many ways become even more determined and dedicated to our craft. For starters, alongside all of our sketches and shorts, we will be implementing more music on our YouTube channel. We have been working on a new series of collaborations with unexpected artists from all walks of the Coachella Valley music scene. These collaborative YouTube ‘exclusive’ tracks will be some of our most experimental work to date, and by no means will be bound by any genre or title.”

CVW: The CMFs have taken the road less travelled in regards to consistent releases. How will you be presenting the new music?
The CMFs:
“To keep the music and good times rolling, whether live shows come back or not, we will be releasing a brand new single on the final Friday of every month for the entirety of 2021! January brought the release of Afterglow. A very contemplative and pacifying three and a half minute record that sounds tremendously unique to anything else we’ve put out thus far. So if you haven’t checked out Afterglow by now, be sure to log on to our website at or Spotify as soon as you’re done reading this! We think you’ll be pleasantly surprised if you do!”

CVW: What song will we be hearing next?
The CMFs:
“For this month’s release we went back to our roots; revisiting a classic CMFs song that didn’t quite make our album, but we knew it still deserved its place in our catalogue. Now that we have decided to release a year’s worth of music for 2021, we thought what better opportunity then now to bring to you, Service Man! Revamped and re-done, bigger and better than ever!”

CVW: Where can fans find you and your music?
The CMFs:
“Our website is your one-stop-shop for all things ‘classy’! From merch, to music, videos, and social media updates is the way to go! You can also find us and follow us on ALL social media platforms, ALL major music streaming sites, as well as YouTube and newly added TikTok! All @TheCMFs!”

CVW: A little birdie told me you all have faces for radio.
The CMFs:
“Tune into our monthly residency on 93.7 KCLB as well! We will be on-air following each and every release with an interview and an exclusive radio play!”


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