By Craig Michaels

Besides my love of music, I also enjoy inspiring people. It’s not too often that I read a book that moves me so much that I feel the need to share it with everyone but the Domino Effect “Faith vs Fear” is one of those books. Having gone through some personal and business struggles in the past few years, I have struggled to get my mojo back. I know I am capable of achieving so much more but continue to procrastinate when it comes to making big moves in my life. Like many people, I have a long list of reasons why I have not sent e-mails, made important phone calls or vigorously pursued some of the important goals in my life. I have just been going through the motions of life randomly reacting to situations as they come along instead of taking control of the circumstances in my life.

A few months ago I made a friend on Facebook and her name was Tina Marx from Palm Desert. After perusing her page, I noticed she was an Author. I looked at her pictures and saw a book cover called “The Domino Effect “Faith vs Fear” which intrigued me. I wrote to Tina and asked where I could get her book. She was very nice and replied I can go to and pick it up. For once I decided not to procrastinate! I ordered the book and quickly read the 200 pages. I promptly wrote Tina and told her I would like to share her book with our readers and how I really related to the phrase “resurfacing” which you will read more about in the book.

The Domino Effect has some very interesting personal stories from Tina who shares both painful and uplifting moments in her life to help illustrate the books theories. Tina comments on her vulnerability in the book; “I did contemplate whether to add my personal experiences but I felt I had no choice. Meaning that if I was truly going to help people with this book then I needed to let down my guard and show them my hand so to speak. I want others to see that they are not alone and that we have all had traumatic experiences in our lives but they don’t have to define us. We need to learn from them, forgive ourselves, forgive others and move on.”


When I asked Tina how she came up with the idea of writing her book she replied; “I didn’t set out to write a book. As far as I was concerned, I was just writing down information that I felt was important in my life. Information that I had gained through the teachings of Metaphysics and my personal experiences and transformation in relation to those teachings.”

A native of Rancho Mirage, Tina is a holistic life coach who possesses a master’s degree in metaphysics. Her easy to read book includes nine principals which demonstrate the difference between fear based and faith based thinking. Tina explains why she decided on the nine principals; “There were originally 19 principles but I narrowed it down to nine because at some point I decided I did not want this to be a big book but rather a small manual that would be easy to refer to and simple to apply.” She goes on to tell readers who are considering making a life change; “I have been my own experiment and I have paid close attention to what works and what doesn’t work. Living a life built on fear doesn’t work. Applying the principles does. I have spent many years figuring this out and simplifying it into 9 principles so you have nothing to lose by reading it and everything to gain!”

I told Tina that I felt this information is a great message for everyone to hear but especially important to our youth who struggle with self-esteem and peer pressure issues every day. We are currently working on a high school assembly style format that will engage the students on their level. The domino effect presentation will also interact with students using social media. If you are interested in being a sponsor for this life changing program for our youth you can call (760) 880-3848. If you would like to contact Tina about her book, you can e-mail her at:

Written by: Craig Michaels
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