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No need to fasten your seatbelts [although many will have to in several months] the expedition you are about to embark upon predicts smooth sailing and rejuvenated enthusiasm for all passengers.

Finding ourselves fully submerged in a day where information is so readily available in vast quantity and opinion, it is often difficult to determine fact from fiction. Rather, fact from the next get-rich-quick fad – which at the time, may appear to hold some measure of accuracy, yet when put to the test of time, sinks quicker than a home residing near the Salton Sea.

Real estate aside, our presently skewed culture [consisting of a myriad of ideals], has in the last thirty years given rise to a tidal wave concerning diets and the way we consume and view food. It is at this juncture that we kindly ask our loyal readers to pause and ponder for a moment the outlandishness of the previous sentence.


No matter if you raise, drop, swing, or send an anchor to the moon, food is fuel for our bodies. That is all. The foods we consume daily are processed by our bodies and are used to provide energy and maintenance. This energy passes through the electrical currents inside our bodies that enable them to live and function accordingly. If the three elements, protein, carbohydrate, and fat are present and adequate, we live! No scientific pontification required.

At their most fundamental reasons-for-being, proteins are used to repair and rebuild tissue. Carbohydrates are used for energy and to additionally shuttle protein to various stations within the body where it is needed. Fats are used to store energy for a rainy day, insulate, and protect our vital organs. Fats also perform the task of “messenger” assisting protein to do its job correctly.

Fortunately, the Good Lord foresaw our current time in history. Therefore, He equipped our minds and bodies with vast amounts of resilience to plow through these turbulent times of
over-information. This has led to mass-confusion, panic, anxiety, obsessiveness – and for lack of a better expression, “made mountains out of mole hills”.

If you are remotely interested in your body’s health, then by now you have more than likely read, or at least heard of every fad, or prescribed diet under the sun. Atkins, low-carb, high-carb, keto, carnivore, slimming world diet – “the purified oxygen diet” [we laugh, but it probably exists], and the list goes on. Every one of these “fads” is flawed. None can ever be consumed consistently to support our bodies fluctuating needs, or age, and all utterly contradict the natural way of consuming foods that the Good Lord ordained at the time of the fall of man in the Garden of Eden.

Consider for a moment a young healthy eight-year-old. This subject eats enough calories daily to sustain its life and growth. Most days it consumes an even-balanced flow of proteins, fats, and carbohydrates without excess, and it obtains these fuel sources from a myriad of food choices. One day, the subject may consume mash potatoes, gravy, beef, and cabbage for dinner, the next, it may consume a few slices of cheese and tomato pizza. Let’s say both meals contain approximately the same number of calories – because the subject knows instinctually and not by gut when it is full, and when it feels satiated.

Satiated is a word that some are perhaps not all too familiar. Satiated means to feel full and the body content after consuming food. Translated, if you eat a meal that does not leave you and your body feeling comfortably full and content it means that your body is sending a signal that you have not eaten the right consistency of proteins, carbohydrates, and fats within said meal. You are nutritionally void.

So, why is it that a child of eight can read its own body very well [not suggesting that all are in-tune enough to do so] and consume foods daily without having to forgo this, skip that, measure this, completely avoid that, and require a written diet, or someone holding their hand and telling them how to eat, maintain its weight and grow up healthily [minus the odd cold, flu and whatnot that we all endure regardless of what we eat]?

Forty years ago, people who fixated on what they ate and what their bodies were doing every single moment of every day were considered “fringe”. More aptly transcribed, “nutcases”. No one wanted to spend five minutes interacting with these persons because all they ever talked about was finding the impossible to discover pot-a-gold at the end of the proverbial “diet” rainbow. There is no special restricted, nor fountain-of-youth diet that is better for anyone than consuming a vast array of foods in natural quantities as it was intended. Disclaimer: If, however, you do suffer with a food allergy, or must restrict certain foods due to illness, then of course, there must be consideration taken to what you consume daily. Additionally, always employ common sense, and a medical professional if you have any questions and concerns regarding the foods, you are, or are considering consuming.

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