Takes place on January 7, 2017 at Palm Desert Civic Center Park from 10:30 am – 5:00 pm.

The festival is the brain child of Seth Cash, also owner of MyCityEveryday, and his partner Alexandra Miklosova.

Cash shared with me how the idea for this event came about: “The idea came from a need, a need to take care of our own health. We thought what better way than to create a gathering that propels us to get in contact with all the best providers in the desert and share them with everyone. Then one thing led to another and a few brain storms later and The LiveWell Festival was born.”

Cash also shared what will set this health festival apart from others in the valley: “There are several things that make this event different. This truly is not you ‘regular’ health and wellness festival—this is a health movement that will live on throughout the year. The Festival is completely free and open to the public and something truly special. We’ve curated an impressive list of health and wellness providers for display. This coupled with acoustic live music performances, healthy eating, interactive activities, kids play areas, massage treatments, and more, we have something for the entire family.”

There are five areas to venture through:


Mind Body Spirit: Yoga, Pilates, Meditation, Sound Healing, Floatation

Physique: Traditional Gyms, Crossfit, Spin, Personal Training

Nourish: Health Food, Supplements, Restaurants, Food Sampling 

Check Up: Hospitals, Medical Screenings, Blood Drive, Dentists, Senior Health

The Body Shop: Massage, Acupuncture, Chiropractors, Aromatherapy

Miklosova goes on to share: “Another thing that makes The LiveWell Festival different is the LiveWell Band. We partnered with the American Cancer Society, Desert Arc, Find Food Bank, The Brightest Star and a few other charities to sell a wristband that acts as a sampling passport to all the exhibitors of the festival. Sold for $20 for Reg / $100 For VIP, it provides special perks, freebies and discounts for attendees to the over 70 exhibitors at the LiveWell Festival. The perks last for the entire month of January. (Over $3,000 in perks). LiveWell Bands can be purchased at LiveWellFestival.org or through the American Cancer Society, Desert Arc, FIND Food Bank and The Brightest Star before or during the festival for only twenty dollars.”

Cash and Miklosova are also tying this festival in to their daily show on facebook Live, MyCity Everyday.

“We are a social media and creative marketing company. Our mission with our live shows is to engage with our wonderful community and bring the hottest events and experiences to our community. Making sure that our local business are exposed to everyone, and that our locals are never bored, and always staying in the know!””

Leading up to the event, we thought we would highlight our exhibitors and sponsors on our shows, to give a glimpse to the public what amazing things they are in for. We feel, that by adding this social media element to the festival it will give additional exposure to our exhibitors, educate our local community in a fun, interactive way, and inspire other to get involved well before the festival! On the actual day of the festival, we will have a program on the MyCityEveryday Main Stage that resembles our daily shows- you will even see the infamous orange couch,” shared Miklosova with her infectious laughter.”

We love our team! Everyone is different—Genevieve Smith, Rob Grace, Priscilla Mendoza, Tiffany Welch Cordeiro, Jolie Leydekkers Elizabeth Scarcella, Justin Finn, Alexandra and I are truly a big family.  Our team covers all the possible target markets in the Desert, are fun to watch, and work tirelessly every day to put ourselves out there to entertain, bring value and engage with every single person who tunes in to our daily shows!” said Cash.

“Cash, and I are so excited to reveal soon all the different show segments that we are working on to further diversify our offerings,” continued Miklosova.

I asked what made them decide to have the event at PD Civic Park.

“We think it’s the most beautiful park in the desert to hold a festival. It’s centrally located has amazing views and easy has access points. It’s really a perfect place to hold the Desert’s first annual health and wellness day in the park,” said Cash.

They also plan on continuing the health aspect on their show after the festival concludes.

“Absolutely! We’re creating a whole segment dedicated to helping people LiveWell and coincidentally the name is LiveWell. Since there are so many places in the desert that are in line with our mission, we are also curating a directory of Health and Wellness providers that is on display at LiveWellFestival.org,” shared Miklosova. 

“I can already reveal that we are going to have a LiveWell show, a segment twice a week on the MyCityEveryday platform that will continue our quest to keep everybody on the right track with their health and wellness resolutions; so that the spirit of LiveWell can live on all throughout the whole year until next year’s festival.”

Cash continues: “In conjunction, we are also going to have the LiveWell Directory fully engaged on LiveWellFestival.org acting as your one-stop-shop directory for all the health and wellness services you could ever need….but again there are many collaborations in the works that we are very humbled and excited about. See you there, and don’t forget to #LiveWellFest with any of your questions.”

We would like to give a shout out to our sponsors: Renova Solar, Whole Foods, Lululemon, Palm Springs Kia, CV Weekly, Miramonte Resort & Spa and Second City Radio.

  • Seth Cash & Alexandra Miklosova

  • Alexandra Miklosova & Tiffany Welch Cordeiro

  • Genevieve Smith, Rob Grace & Elizabeth Scarcella

  • Priscilla Mendoza & Justin Finn