New Year, new resolutions. The Christmas and holiday season are now cascading in our
rear-view mirror. There is only one direction in which to speed toward, and I am not talking about a One Direction concert, even though they will probably get back together and end up performing at the Acrisure Arena at some time in the future. No, I am talking about a direction towards the future, and a direction towards hopefully a new and better you.

Many of us experienced the Christmas and holiday season in the traditional sense. Family, too much food, gifts, and a slew of TV watching. If this was you, we hope that you had a great time. We also hope that you are adjusting back into the regular swing of things just as nicely.

The prolonged vacation, good food, and plenty of sitting, for many leads to a slump in physical activity and productivity. But who doesn’t take advantage of a few days of rest and relaxation and good food over the holidays – everyone else does it. However, if you are an active person, and you do eat healthily throughout the rest of the year but then suddenly slump, overeat, and become underactive during the holidays, your body can sometimes experience negative side effects. For example: An athlete who trains vigorously six days per week suddenly stops altogether. Their body will feel cramping, they may become anxious and or irritable. Not to mention the lack of moving around after doing so often may cause them to cease up, which in-turn could lead to pain and the possibility of injury. One sudden move one morning with a tight muscle can turn into one humdinger!


To help better place this into perspective, a truck driving eighty miles per hour cannot suddenly stop without dire consequences occurring as a result. In the same way, although fun and enticing, the holiday “indulge and rest” spirit’s byproduct does not preclude ancillary unwanted physical and health conditions – and not only weight gain. Yet, have no fear, because when it comes to health and fitness in the Coachella Valley, there is no other fitness educator more passionate and knowledgeable than Michael Butler.

For nearly twenty years, Michael has operated the valley’s Premier Fitness Center, KINETIX HEALTH & PERFORMANCE CENTER, on Wild Cat Drive in Palm Desert. Quietly nestled a stone’s throw from Sun City and the Acrisure Arena, Michael oversees group fitness classes, personal training, Active Release Therapy (ART), and golf fitness instruction among other health and fitness programs available at his facility. These include, infrared sauna, and cryotherapy.

Throughout his career, Michael has guided seniors, youths, athletes-in-training, and professional athletes-in-competition (such as MMA champion, Cub Swanson) attain peak fitness goals, while assisting them to reduce pain and heal from injury

“THE FIT STOP – A MINUTE WITH MICHAEL”, is a column that allows the public to write in and ask Michael fitness questions. Michael will answer questions in the order they are received. However, there is nothing more productive than a visit to the Coachella Valley’s Premier Fitness Center, KINETIX HEALH & PERFORMANCE CENTER to attain your fitness goals.

This week’s question comes from local resident, Rick. Rick, thank you for taking the time to write us this week.

Rick asks:

“Michael, I am curious about pain management and your active release technique. I have been lifting weights for over ten years and started feeling a lot of pain in my left pec/shoulder tie-in. Explain to me more about active release technique. Is it better than chiropracted treatment or physical therapy? Thanks, Rick”

Michael’s response:

“ART (active release technique) addresses soft tissue issues by shortening and lengthening those tissues reducing pain and increasing motion. Chiropractic adjusts or resets bones for proper working alignment which can reduce pain and swelling. Hope this helps!”

If you would like to ask Michael a question concerning fitness, please email us at:


(760) 200-1719

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