As the long-awaited cooler season rolls into the Coachella Valley, with it comes a barrage of outdoor fun and fitness activities. From street fairs to festivals, hikes to bicycle rides. There is enough activity for everyone in this our proverbial paradise.

When it comes to fitness and sports, one of the Coachella Valley’s greatest exports is undeniably golf. After all, we are one of the hosts of the prestigious PGA Tour.

If you are one of the many golf enthusiasts, then you keen to ensure your game, and the tools you use to play it are always at their best.


For three decades, Michael Butler, owner of the Coachella Valley’s Premier Fitness Center, KINETIX HEALTH & PERFORMANCE CENTER, has helped finetune many a golf champion to hit their hole in one.

This week in “THE FIT STOP – A MINUTE WITH MICHAEL”, Michael addresses the topic of golf.

Our question comes from local resident, Brett. Brett, thank you for writing us this week.

Brett asks:

“Michael, I am approaching 60 and I’ve started to notice that my mobility is not what it used to be. For example. I was playing golf with friends the other day – I accidentally dropped my glove, reached down to pick it up and OUCH … My back seized up and I could barely move for days. Anyway, the game I was playing ended abruptly and I lost some money. Tell me how you would map out a training routine for me to not have to deal with sudden back or other muscle spasms.

Michael’s reply:

“Hello Brett. Thank you for taking a moment to write and submit your question. I would begin by putting you through a physical evaluation to identify what is happening to cause your spasms. Following that, I would employ the Active Release Technique (ART) treatment plan which can be performed at my fitness center. The ART method is extremely effective for addressing pain, and range of motion issues. The program additionally assists with correcting exercise and strength, which will also improve your golf fitness and performance. Hope this helps, and that we will see you at Kinetix Health & Performance Center soon! 

If you would like to ask Michael a question concerning any topic related to health and wellness, please write us at:


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