By Denise Ortuno Neil

Hanging out in downtown Palm Springs can be so much fun. There are plenty…and I do mean plenty of bars and restaurants to enjoy. And if you are either a tourist or a resident (looking for a quickie stay-cation) there are a variety of places to spend the night. One place that would suffice if you’re looking for some historic B&B flavor is the historic Inn Casa Cody located in the prestigious Tennis Club area of Palm Springs.

Casa Cody was originally built as the home of Harold Cody, a direct descendant of Buffalo Bill. The area once accommodated General Patton offices during their North Africa training with the DTC (Desert Training Center). It was built in the 1920’s and has grown into the quaintest B&BS in Palm Springs.

I have had the pleasure of staying at Casa Cody twice. Once 20 years ago, and recently just last week. Both times revealed a sublime experience filled with old time charm and a calmness that left me wanting for more.
When entering the Inn, there is a feeling a casual privilege. The place feels elite without pretention. It is lined with breezy bougainvillea flowing through the lite desert wind with easy yet anchoring memory of historical reverence and beauty.


There are several buildings that now sprawl the expansive property, all with equaled charm. The property has 29 units, most have patios, and some have fireplaces and kitchenettes, and of course breakfast is served (hence bed and breakfast).

There are even Casa Cody cats that roam the area…they can be discovered while relaxing casually on a poolside lounge chair.

What I love most is the close proximity to downtown Palm Springs. Guests can walk comfortably from Palm Canyon fun to the Inn…no driving necessary. On my recent night stay, we had an enjoyable night at Shanghai Reds, Las Casuelas and then the Village Pub (no way were we driving back to Palm Desert).

We walked into Casa Cody and were greeted with absolute graciousness…and eventually ushered into a garden setting, laced with wise blooming bougainvillea and a back lit azure pool.

Our steps were echoed by a quiet comfort of the night’s fruition. It was almost magical…beautiful. The studio that we stayed in was ultra clean and had all the modern comforts, although obviously still holding onto its historical values.

The next day I recall saying that if I was ever to disappear…I could be found sitting on a lounge chair at Casa Cody. I would be happily lounging on a chair poolside gazing upon the lush grounds, being loved by one of the cats that roam the halls of the historic Inn…all of us just grateful to be there in all of its glorious calm.

There are many wonderful B&Bs in the Palm Springs area…the Tennis Club area. My Favorite is Casa Cody. If you are in Palm Springs, whether as a visitor, or just for the evening, do yourself a favor and give yourself a treat by staying at one of the cozy B&Bs that line the Palm Springs area. It is a true treat…something that you will not soon forget.

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