By Craig Michaels

There has been a surge in House music over the past decade with DJ producers like Calvin Harris and Afrojack crossing over into the mainstream top 40 music charts. With the birth of Electronic Dance Music (EDM,) there has also been an explosion of DJs who now specialize in that genre of music.

At many clubs and shows, it’s common to see a long list of DJs playing together who do not even know each other. The House Whores Crew stands out from this norm because this trio of DJs plays together every show. DJ Devin, Lino Da Sound Guy and Willie Funk founded the crew. While the threesome occasionally do solo shows, they have spent the last six years working together as The House Whores Crew. It’s the chemistry between the three friends and the ability to play off each other that set these DJs apart from others in their profession.

DJ Devin is the brainchild behind The House Whores Crew and recalls being inspired in high school by an uncle who was a DJ: “It gave me a push and I started DJing in the late 90’s when the scene was at its peak in the underground.” Playing at clubs and parties for the last ten years, Devin has also performed on some live radio shows. Although he was born in Hawaii, Devin has spent most of his life in the Coachella Valley and loves to scratch and mix Hip Hop with House. Finding tracks that no one is playing yet or finding that one track that no one knows about is Devin’s trademark.


“Lino Da Sound Guy,” is the second player of this three-person act. Originally from Orange County, he has been living in the desert for twelve years now. Lino started out as the sound person for the group, setting up the gigs and doing the sound checks. Eventually Lino went from setting up the sound to making his own when he began weaving his DJ sets into the mix. Like Devin, he describes how his relatives encouraged him: “My cousins were DJs for as long as I can remember. I used to get in trouble for playing with their equipment at family party’s when they were gone.” His sets include Deep House, Soul, Jazz, Classic, and Funky House.

Willie Funk (Nicholas Sprebe) began DJing at age sixteen and is the third member of The House Whores. Willie remembers how he spontaneously got started as a DJ: “I went to a club with a friend and heard House Music and I liked it because it was different. I bought turntables and records the next day and started learning.” Willie is actually his middle name, combined with the fact that he likes Funky beats, the name Willie Funk was born. He grew up listening to Old School Funk, Classic Rock and Roll, Oldies, some Disco influence and then House music. Willie prides himself on his high level of energy. His goal would be to DJ full-time all over the world.

The group is currently being managed by Devin’s sister Annette Guzman and her friend Jason Watson. They are looking to expand their bookings to other markets and have launched a website: The trio can also be reached by email at: If you would like to catch the House Whores, they are playing Wednesdays at Azul Restaurant in Palm Springs and on Saturday nights at Clinic Bar in Palm Springs.

Written by: Craig Michaels
Musical Affair Entertainment