Hula hooping isn’t just for children anymore. Adults are revisiting this childhood pastime for exercise and a myriad of health benefits. Yes, hula hooping is great exercise and fun. Vastly more people are taking to the hoop due to the slimming effect on the midsection. Hooping is fun, engaging, incredible exercise and affordable. If you had difficulty keeping the hoop on your waist as a child, you can be rest assured with a little practice you’ll be hooping for exercise in no time.

The Hula Hoop has been around since the fifth century and has been used for play and exercise for centuries. Historical evidence tells us the Hula Hoop was used by the Greeks and was made of wood, bamboo, grass, vines, and metals such as copper and iron. Today, we know of Hula Hoops made of plastic. Hoops come in different sizes, weights, and colors. Custom hoops made for professionals range in weight, from 3lbs to 7lbs. Some hoops have a special padding to help cushion the material as it rotates around your waist. You should also know the hoop isn’t just for rotating around your waist. Once you have mastered the hoop on your waistline you can begin taking the hoop around your wrists, ankles, neck, arms, and legs. There is room for much creativity with the hoop and one can introduce tricks into their hooping routine. It is as though your hoop is your dance partner. Hooping thus becomes this poetic fluidity of motions, and therefore a dance. Sometimes those who hoop are also called hoopdancers. Hoopdancers, hoop/dance to music and move freely integrating on and off body transitions with the hoop. Modern day hoopers spin fire, decorate their hoops with design and color, and recently have added LED lights in the tubing of the hoop. There is an actual “World Hoop Day.” It began in July of 2007 and is a charity that gives Hula Hoops to children in need. The charity encourages children to stay creative through exercise.

The benefits to Hula Hooping will amaze you. This activity/exercise is fun for the entire family and fun with friends. Hooping will increase your heart rate, work the abdominal muscles, improve blood circulation, improve your flexibility, relieve stress, and lift your spirits. The continuous movement helps build a healthy, strong heart. As you strive to keep the hoop on your waist the abdominal muscles are stimulated and engaged, hence toning and strengthening. Flexibility can be obtained in the spine by the constant rotation of the waist targeting the lower back. You can now say goodbye to that unwanted weight in your thighs for hooping tones the inner and outer thighs, maintains healthy knees, and gives you a firm booty. Plus, your spirits are lifted and your confidence soars. Yes, you can have fun working out!

So you want to get started but unsure how to begin. Consider joining a class. Hula Hooping is now offered through Evolve Yoga at Empire Polo Club on Monday evenings. Yoga, 5:30pm-6:45pm ~ Hula Hooping 6:45pm-7:30pm. Visit: for details.

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