GBA Strategies for The Center for American Progress found 68% of voters support marijuana legalization. When Michigan legalized recreational cannabis in 2018, eighty million Americans or 25%, live in a state where access to recreational cannabis is legal. Uruguay in its landmark 2013 decision became the first country to legalize followed by Canada and Mexico this past year. Asian countries are now pushing to legalize medical cannabis.  India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bhuta, Malaysia, Georgia in the Caucasus and Thailand are all looking at the financial benefits of this plant. See Newsweek’s article in the 11/13/18 edition.

The cannabis industry in the U.S. at times seems to be moving at a snail’s pace and at other times its moving at lightning speed. Hopefully 2019 will be remembered as America’s voice being loudly heard forcing the U.S. Congress to vote on ending this eighty-year prohibition. This schizophrenic behavior of the FDA needs to be more publicized. The FDA calls the pure delta9tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC the mind-altering molecule, Schedule III, the cannabidiol or CBD Schedule V, and then tells us there is no medical benefit calling the plant itself with both THC and CBD Schedule I.

The black market will continue to persist if the feds continue to block legalizing banking. Cannabis businesses in states where it is legal are discriminated against because the owner is unable to benefit from the tax laws. Research and development are restrained due to the use of its own poorly cultivated plant through the University of Mississippi compromising the data. Each state that legalizes the use of cannabis pushes the Feds closer to reefer sanity.


In the meantime, continue to seek avenues of access through the Internet or by traveling to states where cannabis is legal. There are many cultivators under the radar. Be diligent in requesting the testing results of your product. Look at labels to determine the ratio of CBD:THC. Be sure to ask the milligram equivalent (mg). The bottle should have measurement hash tags. Start with a five mg dose of CBD. It is ok to have a small amount of THC for the entourage effect. A 3:1, 5:1, 10:1 ratio of CBD:THC is perfect. If a dispensary is a confusing place to find a product, ask questions and seek out professional help for medical issues.

More and more professional physicians, nurses, nurse practitioners are getting educated in the medical specialty of cannabis. There are numerous websites that teach “Cannabis 101”. Remember cannabis is not for everyone. It takes an investment of time and money to succeed in this journey that is completely under the users control. Trust me the day you finally stop your pharmaceuticals when the cannabis is totally effective will be vividly remembered. Treating symptoms without the high gives soothing relief.

My next article will explore stock market investments in the cannabis industry.

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