By Dr Maria Lombardo

We often hear patients complain that the cost of doing the cosmetic procedures they want is more expensive than they feel they can afford. Botox, for example, needs to be injected more than twice per year to maintain the desired effect. Very often a patient will try (and love!) a product like Botox but won’t come back to re-treat because the cost is high. But what a lot of people don’t realize is that the makers of several cosmetic medicine products offer rewards programs and discounts.

Allergan, the parent company of Botox, Juvederm, Voluma, Latisse and SkinMedica offers a program called Brilliant Distinctions that allows you to earn points on all their products and redeem them as a cash discount on future purchases. So if a patient has Botox and joins the Brilliant Distinctions program at their first visit… they will earn points for future visits and can use those points like a cash discount for any of the products in the program. It’s a great rewards program that allows patients to try any of the other products and services too. And right now, Allergan is offering a few coupons for $75 off Juvederm for patients who have never tried it before and who are members of the Brilliant Distinction program. (Only a few of these coupons are left and they expire at the end of May so call if you are interested)

Mentor, the maker of the only made-in-America Breast Implants, also has a “refer a friend” program that patients like to take advantage of… You can earn a $250 gift certificate if you refer a friend for breast augmentation surgery and that patient schedules the procedure.


So don’t miss out on all the available savings programs for cosmetic procedures and remember that at Lombardo Cosmetic Surgery Dr. Lombardo is offering 10% off for the month of May! It’s our own, special rewards program! Call for your appointment today!