By Crystal Harrell

With a high-end dispensary that has reasonable prices and gives everybody the availability to experience a one-of-a-kind environment, the Row House in Palm Springs has over one thousand products that range from flowers, edibles, extracts, to vapes, pre-rolls, tinctures and topicals.

Originally opening back in 2022 before having a transition of management, the Row House has just reopened back up in Palm Springs on December 15th after opening another store in San Bernardino. The Row House is starting its franchise with the company and now has reopened with a dispensary storefront and a smoking lounge, which is a big factor for Brittany Harrington, the general manager.

“We’ve got a huge, huge menu. Our whole goal is just to have a high-end dispensary that has reasonable prices that gives everybody the availability to experience that kind of environment. I think that the biggest thing that makes a huge difference for us is our pricing and our menu.


Our menu is probably one of the largest ones in the valley, if not the largest. And we’re also competing with those prices. That’s our biggest thing, is giving everyone the best prices. That’s why we’re also starting with the 40% off until after our grand opening and we’re just going to keep those kinds of deals so people can properly get their medicine,” said Harrington.

Harrington has been in the cannabis business in Palm Springs for about 8 years now and her main focus has always been on what the customers are looking for and being attentive to their needs.

“My staff is just so knowledgeable and it’s very important to make sure that when you walk into a store, your budtenders give you a comfortable experience and they ask the right questions, so that the customers are telling us exactly what they want. I always ask, ‘have you used marijuana before? How would you like to consume or what kind of dosage do you use?’,” explained Harrington.

One of Harrington’s most important priorities is to try to find the closest thing to it to a customer’s preferred product—even if it is not currently in stock. She wants customers to know that at The Row House, they can come in and trust that they’re going to give them what they’re asking for—whether customers are looking for recreational needs for those heavy-hitter type of people, or if they’re looking for medical aids like CBD, CBN—all the different kind of cannabinoids that the industry is working with.

“Knowledge is very important, and we’re hoping to really join the community to put that kind of wellness out. And I also hope to utilize my lounge to teach people how to learn how to do the dosing, if they’re interested in it, to learn how to use smoking devices. Knowledge is power and I think that’s where I go with it. Our second biggest thing other than taking care of the customers is compliancy,” stated Harrington.

Customers have to purchase something in order to go smoke in the lounge. Paying customers who are allowed to bring friends and can bring in their own food as well. Harrington hopes that within the near future the dispensary will be able to do a lot of activities in there.

“We have patient appreciation days that we’ll be able to utilize very well and people can come in and use this as a space for those who don’t want to go to the bar that we have onsite. There’s a lot of people out there that want different scenery. I know people that don’t drink. It’s awkward when you go into a bar. They deserve a place to go to smoke and be comfortable. It’s probably one of the most beautiful lounges I’ve ever seen,” said Harrington.

The biggest goal at the Palm Springs dispensary is to stay open and let The Row House become a staple in the Palm Springs area—which also means becoming a staple for the community.

“The LGBTQ community is huge up here and that’s something big that we support, along with all the wellness things around the valley. We want to be a part of the community and part of the city in a sense. I want everyone to know about it. We’ve just got such an amazing staff and the security guard to our bartenders,” expressed Harrington.

Orders can be made on The Row House’s website at, and customers can follow them on Instagram @wearerowhouse.