By Noe Gutierrez

Frank Michel, James Hollis Eaton and Shawn Fisher are three of the Coachella Valley’s best musicians and now its newest entrepreneurs. They have been friends and band mates for years and can now call themselves business partners. The threesome, also members of the band HOVER, has launched a rehearsal studio dubbed, The Sound Hub. The establishment is tucked away nicely on 67654 Ramon Road in Cathedral City, California and is now open to the public. Michel explains, “The three of us playing music together seriously for five years now has taught us to work and depend on one another. Opening this studio has only strengthened our work ethic and cohesiveness. We’ve learned that we can get through stressful situations together professionally to achieve big things.” The friends are hoping to fill a much needed void in the desert, REHEARSAL SPACE!

The story of how they became small business owners is storybook. Michel recounts the saga, “Being a band ourselves, we needed a place to practice. We found this location, but under another owner who was running it under the name All Desert Music. We actually were paying for the rehearsal space ourselves until one day the owner tells us he is selling all his equipment and closing down. We didn’t want to lose our new practice spot so that same evening we talked about buying the equipment and taking over the lease. The following day we told him we would assume the lease and purchase most of his equipment. We all happened to have a little money saved up so it seemed like a sign to do it.” The writing on the wall was apparent and Michel and friends knew that owning a small business would not be easy.

Despite the uncertainty, these gentlemen understand and were up to the challenge. According to loan broker Fundera, 20% of small businesses fail in their first year. Fisher explains, “We have learned it takes a lot of hard work to setup your own business and make sure it’s running smoothly. It feels like we’re working three jobs sometimes and you get much less sleep, but because there are three of us, we’ve learned to balance duties among ourselves. We don’t think this would have been possible if only one of us was doing it or possibly even two of us. It has taken all of us. The hard work has paid off for us so far.” They have conceptualized a list of services that are a necessity for many musicians.


The types of services they currently offer are extensive. Hollis shared, “We offer a rehearsal space for musicians equipped with a full back-line so they don’t have to bring anything. It’s great for bands, but it’s not just for bands. Anyone who needs a place to practice can take advantage of our space, even if you are a solo artist who needs to plug in backing tracks into our mixer to perform with. We don’t cater to just one genre, all are welcome. Also, we offer recording services from a simple room recording of your practice to take home with you to full production with up to 16 mic tracking. We also have the capacity and expertise for mixing and mastering your music as well. In addition, we’ve begun to offer music lessons for beginners, including guitar, bass, piano and drums.” The Sound Hub has developed into more than a rehearsal studio.

As many small business owners understand, diversity is a must in owning a business. The Sound Hub will soon be offering a variety of services. “We are interested in expanding when it becomes possible. We are getting busy and offering multiple rooms would be great to cater to more artists.” Michel shared. The insight they share into the music business is wide-ranging.

Michel, Hollis and Fisher share a vision for The Sound Hub. Hollis predicts, “In one year we would love to expand to multiple rooms. In five years we want to have multiple locations throughout the valley and possibly beyond.” This visualization of their endeavor only reinforces their ambition.

All musicians require a space to hone their art and develop their skills. The Sound Hub facilitates that space with professionalism and attention to detail. “To potential customers, we say don’t hesitate to call us or email us and ask questions no matter what situation you are in. We try to be very accommodating and are always striving to make our customers and potential customers feel comfortable. Anyone is welcome to schedule a time with us to just come in and look around to get a feel for the place.” The trio understands the concept and application of customer service.  Fisher shared, “So far, all our customers have been great, respectful and very supportive of what we have built here. We’ve heard quite a few times how grateful they are to now have a place to rehearse and record. We really feel like we’ve provided something that was very much in need for musicians out here.”

If you’re looking for a reasonably priced rehearsal space or studio time, you should consider contacting the heart of music in the Coachella Valley, The Sound Hub.

The Sound Hub Rehearsal Studio

67654 Ramon Road

Cathedral City, CA 92234

(760) 699-7012