by Rachel Montoya

Opening Night on Friday, celebrated the Centennial of the Stanley Kramer “films that changed the world”, paying tribute to Sidney Poiter, Spencer Tracey, and Katharine Hepburn in the classic shown in every country “Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner”. It was the film that changed marriage laws in 16 states and raised more awareness to prejudice and racism. The RED CARPET wear was evening attire and the Kramer’s along with sponsors were delivered to the Red Carpet in vintage cars by Great Autos of Yesteryear. Cake was served to everyone by Karen and Katharine Kramer furnished by Manhattan of the Desert. This work of art with the picture of Stanley Kramer and The Palm Springs Cultural Center logo was enjoyed by all. Dinner was provided by Azul’s and the Shalhoub family’s McDonald restaurants in a take out bag – coupons for everyone.

The screenings on Saturday began with “The Wild One” which was the only biker film in Kramer’s career, and this film along with Marlon Brando’s good looks inspired the first organized biker club The Boozefighters, and later The Ugly’s with well-known actor Peter Fonda. The Kramer girls were escorted to the Red Carpet on bikes provided by Big Boy Choppers/Lenny Meyer, and followed by The Marines, The Ugly’s, The Boozefighters, and a special exhibition of The Crocker that is reminiscent of the era and the classic Indian Bike. The day was topped off by the screening of “Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World” which is celebrating the 50th anniversary of those whacky 52 comedians delivering the funniest message about greed that you could imagine – big crowd pleaser.

The Awards Ceremony conducted by Michael C. Green, on behalf of The Palm Springs Cultural Center and The Camelot Theatres celebrated The Life Time Achievements of Randal Kleiser and The Emerging Artist Award to Del Shores. Randal’s film with John Travolta “Grease” kept us dancing through decades, and Del Shores with “Sordid Lives” was the longest running film that has every been screened at The Camelot. Del Shores has a STAR on the walk in Palm Springs and his star will soon by joined by a STAR for Stanley Kramer. The surprise of the evening was the announcement of the upcoming Stanley Kramer STAR that is being sponsored by George and Paris from Azul’s. Stanley Kramer, with 85 nominations for best Producer/Director to deliver social messages and entertainment through the performances of the Icons and Legends of the Silver Screen will be joining the walk in front of Azul’s in early 2014.


The Closing night on Sunday remains one of the most socially significant films in the Kramer/Spencer film relationship – “The Judgement at Nuremberg” is a masterpiece of Spencer Tracey under the direction of Stanley Kramer.

Thank you Palm Springs for the support of the Camelot Theatre and Ric & Rosene Supple.