By Daniel Paris

Sherman’s was established in Palm Springs in 1979 by Sherman Harris. It has become one of the iconic old-school delis in Southern California and is run by Sherman Harris’ children, Sam and Janet Harris, who continue his legacy of great food and attentive customer service.

Sherman’s continues to flourish in both its Palm Desert and Palm Springs locations while many classic Jewish delis continue to close all across the country, especially in New York City and Los Angeles. For many decades, the neighborhood deli was the only option to buy quality meats, cheeses, bagels, bread, pastries, and desserts for regular customers at a reasonable price. Soon, escalating rents, skyrocketing vendor prices, inexpensive street foods from diverse ethnic groups, and supermarkets with their frozen dinners all contributed to the demise of the deli as a central food supplier to the community. Proud deli owners are slow to change. Canter’s Deli in Los Angeles has added many Mexican dishes and even Hawaiian Loco-Moco to give their menu wider appeal.

There is some hope. The present pandemic has redirected our focus to the comfort foods of our childhood. Many trend-driven chefs are featuring dishes to soothe and reassure us in this unsettling time.


Sherman’s is well positioned with a loyal following and provides a full spectrum of classic deli dishes. Over-stuffed corned beef, pastrami, turkey, and roast beef (all made in house). Full dinners and breakfasts featuring brisket, meatloaf, whitefish lox, and roast turkey are offered with special prices for early bird diners. Jewish specialties such as matzo ball, borscht (beet soup), kreplach (meat or potato stuffed dumplings), blintzes, and tuna and egg salad are offered fresh daily.

Sherman’s is here to stay and will continue to provide us with the foods that make us sigh and feel everything will be okay.

Sherman’s has implemented indoor/outdoor seating with the required distancing in place. Make Sherman’s one of your first dine out experiences on our slow road to normal.

Two locations:

Palm Desert
73161 Country Club Drive
Palm Desert, CA 92260

Palm Springs
401 E. Tahquitz Canyon Way
Palm Springs, CA 92262