by Lisa Morgan –


At the early age of 7, Caroldean knew what it was to be a trend setter.  A girl after her English grandmother’s own heart, Caroldean spent vacations in Europe with her grandmother being immersed in fashion trends that were a year ahead of the other girls and even the grown women back home.  Her grandmother, having an impeccable sense of fashion taste that was truly ahead of her time and a “magical” custom shoe closet, infused her granddaughter with an eye, a sense and a heart for the new, the trend setting and the beautiful.  Shopping was not just a trip, it was an adventure as grandmother would send young Miss Caroldean home with suit cases full of fashions that would catch the eye and admiration of all.  Caroldean’s mother, having also been blessed with these influences was a trend setter in her own right, opening a resale store in the 70s which was way ahead of its time.   The store is still in business to this day as the original Deja Vu Fashions in Claremont, CA.

As a young woman, Caroldean didn’t want to be in the resale industry with her mother as her heart was set years ago on pursuing a career in the fashion industry.   Apparently whatever Caroldean sets her mind on doing, she does.  A graduate of the Fashion Institute, Caroldean found herself working on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills enjoying to her hearts delight the opportunities that the European, French and Italian collections provided her.


In 1991 her career brought her to open her own store on El Paseo in Palm Desert where she offered the best and freshest high-end, contemporary fashions for 15 years.  During these years, she also opened the first Resale Therapy with and primarily for her mom to run in her “retirement” years.  The business was hugely successful.  Still, Caroldean never was too involved with the resale end of fashion as her self-professed “snobbery” kept her deep in the heart of new, contemporary fashion.  That was, at least, until four years ago when she closed her store on El Paseo.

Joining her mother, Caroldean rededicated her efforts full time to Resale Therapy.  “It’s amazing what happens when you get your own ego out of the way”, she says.  “With the economy being what it’s been I was blessed to have somewhere to go.  And I have never had more fun working in the industry since.  There’s something new every day.  There’s always new, uncharted territory.”  As you listen to her joy and passion for Resale Therapy, you realize that you are speaking to a woman whose life has come full circle, whose lineage of beauty is captured and honorably represented and who has found a way to put all her life experience into her livelihood.

You enjoy the benefits of this at Resale Therapy as each piece of clothing is accepted by appointment only so that it can be individually inspected and selected according to the quality and standard Caroldean insists upon before putting it on display.  Because of this process, Caroldean and her staff know every item on display and can provide the kind of superb customer service one would expect from a high-end store.   A customer can walk in and leave with a complete wardrobe makeover at an amazing savings.

Caroldean’s Resale Therapy fashions have been seen on television personality and Coachella Valley Weekly columnist, Craig Michael, at the August live recording of “Red Hot Date”.   You can also get advice from her on “Therapy Thursdays” with Bradley Ryan on Mix 100.5 in the morning at 8 am.  For more information call or visit

The Resale Therapy experience can be enjoyed in two fabulous locations:

67800 E Palm Canyon Drive, Cathedral City  (760) 321-6556

72-171 Highway 111, Palm Desert (760) 836-3345

Caroldean is also a Partner with William Miller in “Deja Vu Vintage Finery” which is a “vintage resale store”….located in the uptown design district of Palm Springs at 664 N. Palm Canyon (760-669-5365) and is named for Caroldean’s mother’s original store still operating in Claremont Ca.