Are you an entrepreneur who is stuck in startup mode? Thanks to, here are five ways to get out of the rut and take action for real business growth.

Delegate. Start investing in people to do tasks you can no longer do. It’s not true that people cost money. In reality, lack of production and not having the time to be growing your business costs far more.

Pick your battles. Worry more about gaining customers and making money than obsessing over the small road blocks. These blocks to moving forward will more than likely will be ironed out as time goes on and the business grows.

Get attention. The most important undertaking is to get attention for you and your company. If people don’t know of you, they can’t buy from you or use your services. Sure you will get some critics, but have no fear — you also will get admiration.


Change your pitch. Don’t sell yourself short, as just a “small” company. Know how to pitch yourself and your business. Be ready to quickly explain what your company does that is better, faster and of value to the marketplace. Then, make big claims to the world.

Create urgency. Urgency is the key to getting things done. Set specific timelines for action and achievements. Start with small, obtainable goals which will boost confidence and that sets the stage to tackle larger goals, knowing they can be met.

Now is the time to accelerate, generate business, and get out of start-up mode.

ShareKitchen assists entrepreneurs in food related businesses or those interested in breaking into the food industry. The non-profit organization is built on the philosophy of sharing and can help get new businesses get out of start-up mode and to start selling. For more information visit or call 760-459-4259.