Many women find as they age their abdomens thicken and their weight increases no matter what they try. I’m here to give you hope.

Many women try adopting the low-carb or keto way of eating but get frustrated because they aren’t achieving the results they want.

If you are eating keto and want better results, I’ve come up with 8 options for you to look at to get you past your weight loss challenges.

  1. Don’t eat too much protein

Don’t eat too much protein: Women need less protein and can much more easily over-consume protein compared to men. If you and your husband are eating the same size steak, you are eating too much.  The easiest way to figure it out is to take half your body weight and eat that amount of protein.  Adjust it as you lose weight.  Too much protein interferes with burning ketones and fat.

  1. Don’t eat too much fat

A keto diet is not a free for all to overdo it on fat. … One of the great joys of low-carb keto eating is adding back fat into our bodies after denying them fat for so long.  However, if you want to lose weight, you must burn your own fat stores for energy, not consume all the energy you need by eating fat.  Eat more fat than protein, just enough to keep you in ketosis, then watch the body burn its own fat stores.

  1. Intermittent fasting

Add in intermittent fasting.  It goes well with Keto and the longer you eat Keto you will be less hungry.  Don’t try fasting right away.  Give it a few weeks and let it happen organically.  Many people naturally stop eating breakfast — they just aren’t hungry when they wake up. The number one rule of low-carb eating is “eat when you are hungry and stop when you are full.”   If you find you aren’t hungry try fasting overnight as long as you can.

  1. Watch out for carb creep

Watch for carb creep.  If you have been doing low-carb keto eating for a while, carbs can sneak back into your diet, particularly in the form of sauces, condiments, and nuts or snacks.  Keep your carbs at 20-30 total carbs or less when you really want to lose weight and get the scale moving downward.

  1. Cut out alcohol

Cut out the alcohol temporarily.   If you are experiencing a weight-loss stall or even gaining weight on Keto cut out all alcohol for now.

  1. Avoid sweeteners

Remove artificial sweeteners.  If you have been including keto approved sweeteners like Monk fruit, stevia or Erythritol in your diet, do your best to wean yourself off them and give your body a chance to lose weight faster.

  1. Get enough sleep. A good night’s sleep reduces stress and cortisol, the stress hormone that when raised hangs onto abdominal fat.
  2. Be realistic. Some women are aiming for an arbitrary number on a scale… a number that has no real bearing or relationship to their actual health and wellness. Set realistic expectation. I see this quite often. Women are aiming for an arbitrary number on a scale, perhaps from a long time ago or an idealized weight they have never achieved — a number that has no real bearing or relationship to their actual health and wellness. If you focus only on the number on the scale you will sabotage yourself.  Instead measure your inches.  Keto is the best at burning body fat and reshaping your physicality.

Remember that this way of eating isn’t a diet or a fad.  It’s an investment in your health and it will give you the ability to age gracefully and have the body you want.  Have patience. Your long-term goal is to make Keto a lifestyle change.

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