By SMAT Trainer and Coach Antonio

First off let’s understand what Functional Training is.

The main word here is function. Function is purpose. So functional training is just training that has a purpose.

That purpose can be related to getting better at everyday activities—like walking, squatting to pick up something heavy, pushing a revolving door, or getting in and out of a chair.


There are a couple components of functional fitness. Before you can move freely in your everyday life without worrying about injury, you must nail the basics. These include strength, balance/coordination, power, range of motion, and mobility.

How functional training can improve your life?

When we practice functional fitness, it’s for activities like:

Carrying groceries 

Picking up small children

Walking in nature

Being mobile on the floor 

Fighting off sharks

Let’s give you an example of functional fitness.

Compare running on an elliptical vs going on a short hike:

Both will get your heart rate up.

But a hike will challenge your stability and balance as you move over uneven terrain. The elliptical, on the other hand, provides a repetitive motion over and over.

As you work on your training, you will be boosting your body’s functional strength, your overall flexibility, and your coordination.

Your range of motion will improve as you train, making day-to-day activities much more straightforward.

These benefits aside, you should approach functional training to increase your range of motion and better prepare your body for the stresses of everyday life.

A durable and functional body today will protect you from injury and help you to stay in good shape for later life, with free and easy movement for years to come.

With all the benefits listed above I as a Personal Trainer with a decade of experience can teach you how to do Functional Training. I can create a custom workout plan specifically for you based on your current physical shape, training experience and most importantly your goals.

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I am looking forward to assisting you and can’t wait to see you getting your body Functional and Healthy again!