By Bronwyn Ison

If I had to choose a period of time or age in my life to revisit, my teen years would not be my first choice. My teen years were not unfriendly to me. I simply would not care to endure the pressures our teen girls have today. Yoga for teen girls is growing in popularity. Why? Studies indicate teenage girls who practice yoga are recognizing and understanding greater body awareness. This connection also uplifts self-esteem.

As a yoga professional I wish more than anything yoga would have been available to my girlfriends and me as a teenager. Studies indicate more than 90% of teen girls want to change at least one aspect of their appearance, most of them choosing their body weight. Nearly 25% would consider plastic surgery to fix perceived flaws, and 13% admit to having an eating disorder. As a mother of two young girls (who will eventually be teenagers) these statistics are frightening and startling. As a parent the statistics alone may motivate you to seek a yoga class for your teen girl. Wellness professionals have an opportunity to help teenage girls develop healthier body image and improve confidence.

“Teen girls who practice yoga also develop a greater mind-body connection,” says Elissa Gitts, MD, an adolescent-medicine specialist at a Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh. The connection not only improves body image but also promotes better posture and alleviates stress. Girls play sports for exercise and team camaraderie. Naturally this is still encouraged and exceptionally healthy for your teenage girl, practicing yoga is different. With sports such as soccer, basketball or softball, teens get an adrenaline rush from cheering crowds. But, with yoga, it is not the crowd cheering that makes you feel good. You, alone, are responsible for feeling good about yourself. Occasionally the constant competition can be draining as well as produce anxiety. Yoga brings you relief.


Aside from yoga being mentally helpful to teen girls it is also improving and assisting with maintaining flexibility. Pediatric Sports Medicine Specialist, Kevin Walter, MD says, “During adolescence, there is growth spurts. The bones tend to grow fast, and the muscles stay tighter. This makes it difficult to maintain flexibility in adolescence. The emphasis that yoga places on flexibility can really help with that problem.” Yoga in tandem with your choice of sport can also improve your game on the field.

Teenage girls are experiencing extraordinary physical changes. They are also trying to cope with hormonal fluctuations. Young girls can feel disembodied. They feel pressure to have the perfect body and face. Yoga can help a yoga girl feel strength physically and mentally. Once a young girl experiences this feeling it helps to decrease their self-consciousness and feel better about how they feel in their own skin.

Young girls have a tendency to be very stressed. Yoga helps to decrease stress through breath-work and physical movement. The breathing taught in yoga can help a young girl cope with a stressful moment. Perhaps the breath work can be applied when taking a test. Allowing the central nervous system to relax hence resulting in better tests results. The breath work can also be helpful with chronic illnesses such as asthma or diabetes.

Now your teen girl has an opportunity to improve her overall well-being. Uniquely You: A Tween/Teen Girls yoga workshop is being offered at Evolve Yoga. Week One: June 23- July 2 ~ Monday, Wednesday & Friday (1:30pm-3:30pm) & Week Two: July 7 – July 16 ~ Monday Wednesday & Friday (1:30pm-3:30pm) Five Sessions, $125.00 per student Pre-regisration or $135.00 Same Day, Drop-in $27.00 per class. Ages (11-16)

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