by Lola Rossi-Meza
Web-site launches: A Directory for local Musicians, Models and Artists

Photographer and videographer Dan Suttner along with his associate and artistic director Bonnie Taylor, have been working diligently to launch for several months. The concept is very unique and is designed to showcase and promote models, musicians and artists here in the Coachella Valley.
Owner of Whistlers Photography for 7 years, Suttner’s father was a chief photographer in the Navy and his youngest son is also a photographer. He was a scuba diving instructor for 13 years and during that time he began doing underwater photography.
He moved to the Coachella Valley over 15 years ago and worked in sales, advertising and marketing. He decided to start his own business, Whistlers Photography and excelled in female and male model photography. Suttner has worked as a photographer for modeling agencies, along with private parties, corporate and charity events.
“I came up with the idea for the directory because, after taking photographs of literally hundreds of models, their number one topic of conversation and complaint was, that there was no local work here in the Coachella Valley,” said Suttner. “That bothered me because jobs were being outsourced and the local models were not given a fair shake.”
He considered starting a modeling agency, but that wasn’t his forte, especially since many agencies have come and gone. There are still a few that have stood the test of time, but they mostly recruit models from other areas. They may be unaware of the vast amount of talent in their own backyard.
“We have a lot of beautiful people here, they come in many shapes, sizes, weight and colors. Beauty is a very subjective issue, just like photography. A picture that I may love, someone else may dislike. It may be acceptable to me but unacceptable to them. There is the cookie cutter mentality, nationally and internationally, and they may be right, but not everyone is a tall slim beauty. This directory is designed to give everyone a fighting chance and to expose our local talent to outside agencies. Lots of companies come in to the Palm Springs area and use outside sources from Los Angeles and Orange County, instead of using our local talent because they may be unaware of what they can find here. Let’s keep our local business dollars, local.”
In his line of work he meets lots of musicians, actors and artists with the same issues, so Suttner decided to put the free directory together to include all of them. A place where anyone can view a web-site and see professional photographs and video, along with links to a personal web-site and a direct contact to that person. It’s that simple. It is a great source of networking for a lot of people.
“It is very tangible. Agents, companies, videographers, photographers and people looking for that band for a specific event, can go to the CVMTD. They can see it and hear it and literally feel it; it’s like having a radio, TV and print all in one. Giving everyone an even playing field and the listing in the directory is free.”
Sounds too good to be true? Well, personally speaking, I have a very busy schedule and I am not a superstar on the computer. In this new age, many people have asked me about my web-site. Although I do have my domain name, have lots of performance video and professional photos, I am clueless where to begin. Thanks to Dan and Bonnie, it has given me the motivation to give attention to what is needed for my own web-site, while already being listed in their directory. They came to two of my performances in the Escena Lounge and Grill at the Escena Golf Club in Palm Springs. They took several photographs and video of me singing, at a very, and I do mean VERY affordable rate. Now that I am listed, I will be part of the directory forever. It is in the beginning stage and will only continue to grow and evolve, because Suttner has the desire to help others showcase their individual talents.
You can immediately be listed in this FREE directory if you already have professional photographs and video. Contact Dan Suttner at (760) 218-3433 or e-mail him at
If you do not have professional photographs and/or video, Suttner and Taylor will work with you to get listed. And now, thanks to the Purple Room at Club Trinidad in Palm Springs, musicians, who may not be working, or performing at a location not suitable for video taping, will have a venue with a great stage, lighting and sound, to perform on; to achieve a well done video for the directory, for their own professional portfolio and web-site.
Don’t hesitate, this is a great opportunity for everyone!


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