Nothing is more important to us on Earth than the Sun. Without the Sun’s heat and light, Life, of any sort, could not exist. The sun has been the subject of many energetic meanings from the topic of astrology to Greek mythology, further demonstrating its immense command. The sun is also symbolic of our ability to direct our will and to have a sense of purpose. In essence, the sun, through its life-giving power, grants us our License to Live Large.

In this week’s edition, I had the great honor of interviewing Vincent Battaglia, Founder and CEO of Renova Energy. If anyone understands how to partner with the immense power of the Sun, it’s this man.

LTLL: When did you discover your right to Live Large…to create a life of your choosing?


Vincent: It was a Tuesday in November of 1992, unbeknownst to my family, I moved to Russia. While I had no money and was totally alone in a country where I did not speak the language, I fell sick.  A high fever caused me to hallucinate. Upon awakening, nearly 24 hours later, I recall an amazing dream. This dream predicted I would become a farmer, although, I was not yet sure what crop I would farm. Little did I know, I would not only use the power of the sun to grow my business, the Sun was my crop!

LTLL: How did Renova Energy come into existence?

Vincent: During my 7 year stint in Russia, I owned a company that required me to travel throughout the ex-Soviet Union and the Baltic States; it was then that I saw my first solar system on a rooftop. I returned back to the US in 1999 and later enrolled in an MBA program. Having always been an advocate of sustainability, I wrote a paper, which would become my thesis, about solar energy and a company I called Renova. For over a decade, Renova Energy has been helping Coachella Valley’s residents and businesses harness the power of the sun through solar.

LTLL: In addition to your business, how do you use the sun to aid you in remembering that you possess an irrevocable License to Live Large?

Vincent: When I get down, as I sometimes I do, I recognize that things could always be worse. I immediately notice all the Energy around me. I can see how the sun causes halos around living organisms, I can see the sun radiating in droplets of water, and I know the sun will always rise the next day.  Everything revolves around the sun….for me, all Life comes from the Sun. It is something I can always count on.

LTLL: What tip can you offer to our readers that they too feel compelled to exercise their License to Live Large?

Vincent: All around us are creatures that have become successful; have “made it” from nothing. I am one of those creatures. I believe what causes us to be successful is our faith or belief in ourselves. We must know deeply, that we can achieve what we desire. We must also remember that the Sun will always rise tomorrow giving us a renewed opportunity to have faith in our dreams.

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Vincent Battaglia, Founder/CEO of Renova Energy, is committed to ensuring that Renova  maintains the highest level of service and solar savings for its’ customers. He can be reached at (877) 34-SOLAR.

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