I sat with Baylee @bayw0lf of @w0lfpackmentality, a cannabis event production company that specializes in producing monthly episodes featuring interviews with cannabis brands and influencers around the state of California and soon the nation. We discussed her upcoming “w0lfpack Live! Episode 5” which will be at the Desert Hot Springs Inn on August 10th from 12-5pm. Read on to learn more!

CV Weekly: Tell us about the “w0lfpack Live! Episode 5” at the Desert Hot Springs Inn.

@bayw0lf: There are a few layers, the largest layer is a 2 night hotel stay in Desert Hot Springs at the “w0lfpack hotel” where we are taking over the Desert Hot Springs Inn and renting out the rooms individually for an all-inclusive weekend. That includes all the different layers of the weekend as well as all the meals for 2 adults. The rooms go for $500 a room and we are allowing people to book these for the event and to have a staycation. We are also offering these rooms to cannabis brands to show off their product or network with the community. The actual event is on Saturday from 12-5pm on August 10th and it is “w0lfpack Live! Episode 5” with interviews with brands and cannabis influencers. The episode will be airing at 1pm and besides that attendees can enjoy a cannabis pool party with workshops. For those wanting a day pass, the price for the event is $30 and can be purchased at


CV Weekly: What type of activities will be available to attendees?

@bayw0lf: We are going to be making Dropping Seeds bath salts bar–we have all of their herbal blends, bath salts and essential oils. Dropping Seeds is an organic herbal blend company specializing in blends that can be used to vape, smoke, soak, or drink as a tea. We will be providing all of the materials and Dropping Seeds is offering recipes. Throughout the weekend we will be offering Dropping Seeds full spectrum cocktails such as a daytime motivation drink and at night a relaxation drink.

There will be a pet station provided by Bailey’s CBD–so yes! Animals are welcome.

CBD Living will be providing a water station.

Henry’s Original will be sponsoring a flower bar with clean green certified flower from Mendocino County during our THC consumption hours from 2-5pm.

Finally we will be offering CBD Den Dabs prior to the start of the event.

We are really excited to be offering this for locals and folks from far away!

CV Weekly: I understand Canndescent will be hosting a job fair prior to the main event, how do people sign up for the employment fair?

@bayw0lf: The career fair is for Canndescent to hire positions specifically at their Desert Hot Springs cultivation facilities. You have to apply ahead of time with Canndescent and then be invited to it. The fair is not open to the public, it is prescreened and will be happening prior to the 12-5pm event. To be screened for the opportunity to be considered for employment with Canndescent visit

CV Weekly: Tell me more about your monthly “w0lfpack Swag Bags” and how readers can get involved!

@bayw0lf: During “w0lfpack Live! Episode 2” we received a ton of really great applications from potential reviewers and have built a fantastic Pack Reviewer team. We are looking for everyday people who want to give honest reviews and can follow a small set of guidelines so we can make sure we can find your posts. When brands sponsor our w0lfpack swag packs they not only receive content but they receive honest reviews. There are no THC products in our packs and we ask for real honest reviews from our reviewers.

If you are a brand and want to get into our upcoming swag packs you can email us at

If you are a cannabis consumer who is interested in getting involved with us, please follow us on Instagram @w0lfpackmentality and check out our website at where you can understand more about how you can get involved. We have our Pack Reviewer team all around the nation and we send them about 8-10 product packs a year. The Packs have 8-12 items in it. We give it to them with a sheet of paper that has product posting guidelines and help them understand how to do a thorough review. We teach them how to create great content and are available to help them so they can honestly review and take good content of the products.

To learn more about the w0lfpack Mentality visit their website at

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