A Note From the Publisher, Tracy Dietlin

I am very proud and excited to announce that as of this issue, CV Weekly will be back in print on a weekly basis. We will still continue to be available online on our website as well as still publishing our weekly eblasts. It has been a long 19 months being online only after 8 of our 9 years publishing was in print, never missing an issue.

I would like to thank my amazing team for sticking with me throughout the pandemic so we could continue to bring you fresh content every week online. Big shout out to my amazing Art Director Robert Chance, our fantastic Website Manager Bobby Taffolla and Head Feature Writer Crystal Harrell, along with ALL of my talented and loyal writers/columnist (listed on page 3) for continuing to deliver quality material every week. And of course, to “my man” Phil Lacombe and my daughter Michelle Brewer, your continued support makes it possible for me to be able to do what I do.

I would also like to thank our advertisers who stuck with us, those that have returned and that are getting ready to return.


To our readers we appreciate you so much. To the community of businesses we invite you to reach out about advertising in CV Weekly where we will go above and beyond to take care of you.

On another note we will resume the CV Music Awards next year date to be determined soon, but probably in May or June like usual. We did not do the 2021 CVMAs since we had to do the 2020 awards in January of this year. It just makes since to come back next year bigger and better. We have some exciting stuff planned with big celebrity names involved. I mean we have to go big to top 2019 with Paul Rodgers receiving the first “ICON” award.

We will be delivering on Wednesdays and Thursdays like before so make sure to pick up your copy at 400 locations throughout the valley and hi-desert.