Are you thinking about jumping on the Keto Train in 2020, then read on!

The Keto diet has gone mainstream, and it isn’t showing any signs of slowing down.   As a matter of fact, it’s gaining steam.  Even though the diet has been around since the 1920’s why has it become so popular in the last few years?

Once it was revealed that medical studies couldn’t prove that saturated fat was linked to heart disease a major shift happened. The media educated us on good fats vs. bad fats.  We examined carbs and sugar and realized they have a damaging effect on our health.  The apple cart had been turned over with all kinds of new information spilling out.  New research opened the door for the Keto diet to prove how effective it is for weight loss and overall health.  It’s been the perfect storm of medicine, science and nutrition contributing to our love of all things Keto. 


You might still be asking yourself what is so attractive about Keto? It’s simple really. Results!   Once you cut carbs and adapt to burning fat for fuel the results happen quickly.  Weight loss happens without counting calories or exercise.  You have increased energy, reduced bloating and inflammation, balanced blood sugar, lack of hunger and mental focus. Your life begins to change almost overnight.    

I’ve had clients say things like:

“I never thought I’d lose this weight and I’d carry it around forever. I now have hope for a new life.”

“My body used to hurt all over and now I don’t have pain anymore.”

“I no longer have pre-diabetes and I have energy again.  I now realize just how badly I was suffering.”

This isn’t a Cinderella story. The Keto diet brings miracles, hopes, dreams and tears…tears of happiness!

What Does the Keto Forecast Look Like?

There’s never been a better time to enjoy the Keto lifestyle. There are now more restaurant items and packaged foods marketed as being keto-friendly.  People want and demand keto options in the grocery store, and it’s starting to happen slowly but with a lot of energy behind it. Keto will be easier as more products hit the shelves this year.  A word of caution, though, you still need to read your labels carefully and look for hidden ingredients.  Keto has become so popular that there is a sub-culture of products that are not Keto even though the label says so. 

Expect to see meal planning, prepared food and baked goods that revolve around Keto expand this year.  Along with coaching and added support for newbies or those who tried Keto and want to give it another chance.    

Expect Keto to continue to gain popularity and increase its reputation as a healthy long-term lifestyle, not as a fad diet or quick fix for weight loss. Expect there to be new medical science backing up the power of Keto and the many diseases it has reversed, especially Type 2 Diabetes. 

If one of your New Year’s resolutions is to get in shape and shed some weight give Keto serious consideration and hop aboard the Keto Train.