As a Team of personal trainers, we often see people who overlook mobility training as something unnecessary and focus either on strength training or cardio. However, we firmly believe that a healthy and functional body also requires mobility training.

What exactly is Mobility Training?

Mobility training involves incorporating into your routine exercises aimed at expanding the range of motion and improving the flexibility of your joints and muscles. Although it may sound like the definition of stretching, it is not quite so. Unlike traditional static stretching, mobility training implies dynamic movements and exercises for joints, stability, and overall mobility. These exercises give you the freedom to move as you wish fearlessly and expand your range of motion, which in turn also brings a number of benefits.


The Benefits of Mobility Training 1. Injury Prevention Besides an expanded range of motion, mobility training also helps prevent injuries both in your everyday life and during workouts. Injuries can easily occur in a limited range of motion as a result of muscle imbalances and compensations. Think of mobility training as an insurance policy for your body. 2. Improved Performance Mobility training can significantly enhance your performance at a gym. With an expanded range of motion and more flexible muscles, you can maintain better form while performing exercises and, as a result, ensure they are more effective. This not only maximizes your gains but also allows you to lift more weight, run faster, and jump higher. 3. Enhanced Everyday Functionality and Quality of Life Improved mobility also means you can move more comfortably and effortlessly doing your daily activities. It makes every movement feel easier and more natural. This is especially relevant for people with a sedentary lifestyle and everyone over 50 for whom daily chores can become quite burdening due to reduced mobility. Mobility exercises can help you stay active and independent for longer, reducing the risk of age-related mobility issues. 4. Chronic Pain Relief For people suffering from chronic pain, for example, a very common problem, lower back pain, mobility training may offer great relief. In most cases, discomfort and pain occur due to muscle imbalances or tightness. And all of these can be solved by regular mobility training.

How to Incorporate Mobility Exercises Into Your Workout Routine?

Opt for Dynamic Warm-Up: Start each workout with a dynamic warm-up that includes mobility exercises instead of simple stretching or cardio. This will prepare your body for more intense activity and improve your overall performance.

Dedicated Sessions: Consider dedicating specific workout sessions solely to mobility training. These sessions can include exercises like hip circles, shoulder dislocates, and leg swings.

Be consistent: Consistency is key when it comes to any type of training, including mobility training. For optimal results, aim to incorporate mobility exercises into your routine at least 2-3 times per week.

Seek Guidance: If you’re new to mobility training, consider working with a certified personal trainer. They can assess your mobility limitations and create a tailored program to address your specific needs.

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