By Rick Riozza

According to the recent Brooks Wine Website: “Wine has a universal appeal. It transcends gender boundaries. However, it has been suggested that some women may find certain wine characteristics particularly delightful. There are a few options that stand out as excellent wines for women!

For the better sex, whether you are new to the world of wine or a seasoned expert, “there are particular styles and varieties often celebrated for their appeal to women. And with more and more passionate women winemakers producing quality wines across the globe, this has never been a better time to start exploring!”

Brooks even goes on to list the top seven wines in preference order, that women want:


1) Sparkling bubbly wine: The effervescence adds a touch of glamour to any occasion, making it an ideal choice for social gatherings or to toast to special moments—most women chime in here.

2) Rosé: The wines are not only visually appealing with their beautiful pink hues, but also offer a refreshing and versatile taste. These wines often highlight notes of red fruits, florals, and mouthwatering acidity. Perfect for warm afternoons or pairing with a wide variety of foods, rosé are a go-to choice for many women.

3) Pinot Noir: For those who prefer red wines, Pinot Noir often stands out. Known for its supreme elegance and approach-ability, offers red fruit flavors, subtle earthiness, and silky textures. It is a versatile red wine that pairs well with various dishes, making it a favorite for many women.

4) Sweet White: These wines, such as Moscato or sweet Riesling, are a consistent favorite of those with a sweet tooth. These wines often exhibit fruity and floral aromas with a pleasing sweetness that balances their acidity and keep you coming back for more. Ideal as an aperitif or paired with desserts, sweet white wines are a delightful treat. Younger women really love these wines.

5) Chardonnay: A classic white wine, is celebrated for its diverse styles. Whether unoaked or oak-aged, Chardonnay can appeal to a wide range of palates. Crisp, unoaked Chardonnays are refreshing with citrus notes, while those aged in oak barrels boast creamy textures and flavors of vanilla and butter. In our wine aisle, women seem to be buying Chardonnay at record rates.

6) Sauvignon Blanc: A refreshing and zesty white wine that appeals to those who enjoy a vibrant and aromatic profile. With notes of citrus, green apple, and often a touch of fresh cut grass, Sauvignon Blanc is perfect for warm days and pairs well with light salads or seafood dishes. No women debate these facts.

And finally, the other favorite red in the pack, 7) Cabernet Sauvignon: For those who appreciate bold red wines, this wine is a classic choice. Known for its rich flavors of blackcurrant, plum, and sometimes hints of green bell pepper, Cabernet Sauvignon is a robust wine that pairs well with hearty meals and makes for the most coziest of evenings—what woman doesn’t love that!

Okay then—if you heartily agree, think otherwise, or even heartily disagree, keep those cards and letters coming in so I can digest through your comments and report back on what our women of our desert really want. My email is:

Okay—while we’re at it, since Mother’s Day is right around the corner: What Would Mother’s Want!

Well—above, we’re told that the bubbly is the first wine of choice, and for Mother’s Day we can’t think of a better match than treating your loved ones to the J Vineyards sparklers:

If we wish to consider reasonably priced premium world-class sparklers then one of the top bubbly wines to shine in flavor, feel, and festivity is our top pick the J Vineyards NV Cuvée 20 Brut and the NV Sparkling Brut Rosé We’ll get to the tasty tasting notes in a bit, but let’s have a little fun figuring out what the “J” is all about.

Judy Jordan was only 25 when she leveraged the resources and knowledge of her dad, Jordan Winery founder Tom Jordan, to launch her own sparkling wine house, J Vineyards & Winery. A geology graduate and college tennis star out of Stanford, she settled on the Russian River Valley as her base.

“If I were talking to the 25-year-old who started this company and I remember enough about her, she was spicy and spunky,” Jordan recalled. “At that time I really believed that nothing could get in my way, and I was so passionate about sparkling wine and about geology and about Russian River.”

“The attention paid to every row, vine and grape cluster results in the purest expression of terroir. Their vineyards have been “Certified Sustainable” through the California Winegrowers Alliance, a third-party environmental auditing partnership with the Wine Institute and several of our vineyards are taking steps towards Organic certification status.”

And now for your sparkling consideration: J Vineyards NV Cuvée 20 Brut ($40) This delicate sparkler is the perfect Mother’s Day sip, and, great for any occasion—like our Memorial Day celebration. From the best cool-climate vineyard sites in the Russian River Valley with aromas of toasted almond and notes of apple, dried cranberry with a soft palate of lemon meringue pie flavors as the wine’s creaminess is whisked away by a lively finish. Delish!

J Vineyards NV Sparkling Brut Rosé ($50): Hand-harvested in the renowned Russian River Valley, the grapes in J’s Brut Rosé are full of depth and richness, resulting in enhanced, vibrant flavors. Mouthwatering citrus notes and balanced earth tones craft a wonderfully structured sparkling wine.

Aromas start with strawberry, raspberry, Fuji apples, rose petals, and toasted hazelnuts. The palate is ripe raspberry, blood orange, and blanched almonds. Lively acidity and steely minerality frame a lingering lush finish. If you’re looking for a sexy pairing, a delicious match is one with a Hamachi crudo!

This is a lovely wine to gift and share. Cheers!