Question: Is long hair or short hair in right now?

Maily: Currently, it is not short or long length hair- it is the mid length below the shoulder with an A line front. This is both romantic and sexy, with a conservative look, with easy care for women on the go. They can keep the style straight for the work day and then big curls and playful style for the nights and weekends.

Question: For a long time now straight hair has been in but I hear big curly hair is a comeback, is this true?

Maily: YES! I am loving this comeback. Love natural texture and then some! Keeping your hair at its natural state is important for the health of your hair. For a long time we did not have the knowledge nor the products to wear curly hair-now we do. Textured hair needs moisture to maintain the curls so it doesn’t go frizzy.

I found a trick that taking Sebastian’s Drench conditioner and mixing it with Sebastian’s Potion 9 works wonders!

Make sure to look out for another style that is making its way back into fashion- which is straight across bangs!


If you need any hair needs or fashionable trends Mai Salon would be more than happy to make it happen for you!

–  Maily O’ Neil

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