Have you tried Keto on your own only to feel like you keep making mistake after mistake? Or, do you feel it’s not working? Or, you know it could be working better? The Keto diet isn’t complicated but there is a learning curve to be successful.  It takes time to change your behavior and wrap your brain around the Keto diet.

During COVID-19 I’m finding people reaching out to me for coaching because they’re tired of gaining weight, they’re exhausted and motivated to get healthy and build their immune system.  They want to start the keto diet correctly in an easy, safe, and effective way.  After looking online and finding confusing and conflicting information they quickly realize that a keto coach just might be the solution.

There are many reasons to hire a coach.


Having a coach guide you through the process is invaluable for many reasons.  And remember, a coach isn’t forever…just until you are confident to DIY it on your own.  Here are just a few of the top reasons to hire a coach:

A coach can answer questions.

A coach is a trusted source of information.

A coach will get you started on your keto journey properly.

A coach will be dedicated to your success.

A coach can help you avoid pitfalls and costly mistakes.

A coach will keep you accountable and honest.

A coach will be there to encourage you when you’re unsure of yourself.

Why is this important?

If you know that you will have to be accountable to someone for what you do and what you eat, you’re more likely to stay on track.  And, you will have the support you need at any time when you’re feeling unsure or just need to stay on track.  There is a powerful synergy that happens in coaching when you create a partnership with a trusted guide to move you closer to your goals.

A coach has “been there, done that,” and provides an example of what is possible if you stay the course. But to stay the course, you must have a strong “why” to get consistent results.  A coach will be invaluable to help you stay focused, motivated, and committed.  When you have a coach who is just as invested in your success as you are…well, that’s priceless.

The mindset of losing weight and regaining your best health is where coaching starts.  You will learn the foundational aspects of the keto diet like what foods to eat, QuickStart basics, macros, diet hacks and more.  But mindset matters.

How to decide if you need a coach.

People find success every day without a coach. Instead of asking if you NEED a coach, perhaps you should ask if a coach will allow you to avoid the frustrating mistakes that can plague your journey to Keto success; can a coach get you there faster?  And the answer to that is:  Yes!

Don’t Struggle. Reach Out for Help.

Are you serious about losing weight but still struggling and ready to break down unhealthy barriers to weight loss?    Look at coaching… it isn’t for everyone, but It just might be the answer you’ve been looking for.

About Michelle Borthwick: Michelle is a Keto Lifestyle coach, a Seasoned expert on Customized Keto. Keto weight loss results can be greatly improved with Coaching, Customization, Accountability, and a trusted partner to guide you every step of the way. Michelle offers private sessions, proven Keto diet hacks, goal setting, ongoing support and more. Follow Keto is Easy coach on Facebook and Instagram or go to