When you think of “magic sauce” what comes to mind? Maybe a chef at a restaurant you really love that uses rare spices, a special cooking technique and a secret ingredient known only to the chef. Or a company might come to mind that always seems to have a unique edge and approach to business that makes them consistently successful. No matter what it is or where it shows up you can’t help but wonder what the magic sauce is!

I’ve been asked “What is my magic sauce”? It’s quite simple… I believe in full customization and not one-size-fits-all Keto and have developed a proprietary system that allows me to personalize Keto for every single woman I work with. You may remember diets that are cookie cutter programs that never felt quite right but you pushed your way through it to completion. Then you gained all the weight back. I’m here to tell you it was never your fault. You weren’t given the tools, support and mindset shifts you needed to not repeat the vicious cycle of gaining and losing. And, you didn’t have an eating plan that you enjoyed and made you happy.

Often Keto is given a bad rap as being too restrictive. My approach is to use Keto to get the weight off (it’s simply the fastest way to do it) and then rotate clients in a cycle of Keto, Low carb, and Paleo. This offers more variety, different food options and freedom. Then it doesn’t feel like you are deprived.


My “magic sauce” goes beyond techniques. I’m a Keto Coach because of my passion for the lifestyle and to give you hope that you can transform yourself. I love seeing women light up because they are off the diet roller coaster. Beyond my passion I’m backed by expertise and intuitive nature that allows me to create an exclusive (and highly-effective) Keto Transformation programs for every woman I have the pleasure to work with.

Keto isn’t complicated and it’s backed by science…but the execution of it matters. Do you know how many times a day I hear one of the following statements? Too many to count.

  • Keto is hard and I can’t figure out my macros.
  • Keto didn’t work for me. I tried it for a month and didn’t lose weight.
  • Keto confuses me. I have friends it worked for but it’s not working for me. What did I do wrong?
  • Keto worked for me for a while then it stopped. I’m not sure what to do differently.
  • Keto isn’t easy and it’s restrictive. I’ll miss all my favorite foods.

It’s just not your fault for feeling this way because there is so much misinformation online. Unfortunately, there are companies promoting Keto where the bottom line matters to them more than the results! These individuals and companies are using the same formula for everyone (both men and women alike) and telling you it works. It doesn’t.

If you send me an email at and mention that you are from CV Weekly and ask me for my proprietary Customization Form and I’ll send it to you for free so you can begin to experience what a different Keto might look like along with some of my “magic sauce”. Complete the form and send it back to me, I’ll give you some complimentary recommendations on what Keto might look like for you. Can’t wait to hear from you. You have nothing to lose… except some weight!

About Michelle Borthwick McLaughlin: Michelle’s coaching practice is evolving with a new approach to Keto that goes beyond fast, sustainable weight loss. Enter: KETOish. Transformational private coaching sessions that still include proven Keto principles for weight loss but now includes how to increase your energy, longevity, confidence, mindset, passion and overall wellness.

Michelle has been the go-to coach for Keto for women since 2018. Her 1:1 coaching program have helped hundreds of women from 25 states and 4 countries lose over 7,500 pounds while eating foods they love.