by Mike Livingston; Host, The Clubhouse Radio Show

March is normally a busy sports month but one normally dominated by college basketball. The boys of summer are just getting started with spring training and golf has normally just hit the “Florida Swing”.  Little League is kicking in around the country and of course, there’ll be a NASCAR event somewhere……but the NFL? Yes, well now leave it to the behemoth that is the NFL to remind everyone at the most remote time for their sport that they are the biggest sport on the sports landscape – even in March…by marketing themselves against all of those others and staying in our conscious…..

Free Agency kicked-off this week on what seemed like just another ordinary, nondescript mid-week March day last week to a flurry of moves, transactions and news that completely overwhelmed the “tickers”, and immediately took our minds back (or ahead, I guess) to thoughts of football. And what a flurry it was!

It seems like only a few minutes ago that the Super Bowl wrapped and Joe Flacco went on the Disney Tour, et al. Then there was his HUGE contract and then, life returned to normalcy for awhile. This last week saw a tremendous shift in power or the seeming depletion or significant balance of certain teams, none more so than the champion Ravens! And the mass exodus from Baltimore may not be over yet – oh no……The retirement of Ray Lewis was followed by the departure of both big time free agents Paul Krueger and Donnelle Ellerbee, at least one of whom the Raven expected to sign.  Then there is Super Bowl hero, Wide receiver Anquon Bolden who left town, too.  Additionally, several of the league’s top teams are wining and dining (and flying private jets around for) safety and future Hall of Famer and Safety Ed Reed.


With free agency really just beginning and the draft still a few months away, the Miami Dolphins seem to have gotten better, fast. So have the Cleveland Brown and the Seattle Seahawks who were already an exciting playoff team last year that no one really wanted to play, the farther the season went. Is something brewing in Cleveland? It’s about time…………..

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