Isn’t Keto the hunger and crave free diet?  Many of us were told when we eat Keto, we won’t be starving like so many other diets out there.  We were told you can eat when hungry to satiety then stop and then not worry about calories if we keep our carbs low, fats high and protein moderate.  This is all true when you are doing Keto properly.  If you are experiencing hunger on Keto, there is a misfire somewhere that needs corrected.   Let’s take a look at some of the best RESCUE REMEDIES. These are proven remedies.  Give them a try…I promise you will thank me later 😉

Remedy #1 -Electrolytes

The most common source of problems with Keto is the electrolyte imbalance.


Electrolytes are specific nutrients that are crucial for our bodies to function. Think muscle contractions, heartbeat regulation, body temperature control, energy production and so on.
The main four are magnesium, calcium, sodium, and potassium.
A lot of times, hunger is one way your body is telling you that it’s deficient of a nutrient…

It cannot tell you: “Hey I need some sodium today…”  It just sends a HUNGRY signal. You often don’t get enough of these nutrients from foods so supplements are worth a million bucks. It really could be this simple. 😉

Remedy #2 – Hidden Carbs & Label Reading

Hidden carbs are your number one enemy when you start the keto diet and they sneak in from unsuspected places. Be sure to read all your labels. Never trust any product that says “sugar-free”. If you are unsure if something is keto friendly or not, then 8 times out of 10 it’s not Keto. I will happily send you my list of 62 hidden names of sugar. You will be surprised!

Remedy #3 – Do Not Count Calories

Cut out your carbs to 20 TOTAL (not net carbs) per day.  Eat plenty of quality high fats, moderate protein and NOT worry about your calorie intake. The last thing you need is another diet that requires you to starve or count calories.  That’s not Keto. Keep it simple.

Remedy #4 – Stress & Emotional Eating

Stress eating can ruin all your weight loss goals. When we are under stress, we make bad decisions. Everyone has their own ways of how they deal with stress.  Often, we want to eat. Common coping habits that can be destructive are alcohol, drugs, and food. 

See where I am going with that? The more you eat snacks like there is no tomorrow you increase insulin and gain weight. You will be barely in ketosis.  It will get harder and harder the more you give in to these food cravings and hunger will set back in.  You will regret it when you are hungry and start gaining weight… yes, even on Keto. You are eating within the range of Keto foods, but too often and too many carbs.

Find other healthy ways to channel your stress.  Take a walk, listen to music or a video, call a friend. Whatever it takes and the feeling will pass.

Remedy #5 – Are you Cheating?

If a tree falls in the woods and no one is around to hear it, does it still make a sound?  LOL
There’s a false understanding that cheat meals (days or even weeks) will be beneficial for you because you will feel better physically and mentally, and will be able to burn more fat, right?  That’s an emphatic NO!

When you cheat, you will most likely be kicked out of your hard-earned ketosis and must start over. This is a painful road to walk and mentally hard to accept. It could take you as many as 5-7 days to get back to where you started.  Ouch.

If you cheated, it happens and you are still human begin again quickly! Leave Keto Hell behind and return to Keto Heaven by reducing carbs, ramp up your electrolytes and fats and wait. You will be soon again in Keto Heaven and feeling fine.

Once you are back in ketosis, EVERYTHING will become easier with more energy, brain power, focus and you won’t be hungry. Now that’s worth it!

Remedy # 6 – Dehydration

Face it …on the Keto diet 8/10 times you are just simply dehydrated.

As you excrete minerals from your body your body retains even less water. Drink lots of water, more than usual plus add electrolytes and a pinch of salt.

The issue with the dehydration is that our sense of thirst is easily confused with hunger. The same part of your brain is responsible for interpreting hunger and thirst signals. Who knew?

Anytime you feel suddenly hungry, take pink salt put a pinch under your tongue and take a glass of water and wait a few minutes. Then ask yourself if you are still starving? It’s likely you won’t be. If you are then it’s time to eat.

Final Remedies for Hunger

Be kind to yourself. Have patience with yourself and give the Keto diet a chance to work for you.  Your body chemistry is changing, detoxing, and switching over to burning fat. It will happen just give it time.  Don’t give up on Keto, it is worth it!

If you are having challenges get in touch with me no matter what stage you are at with your Keto. Let’s talk and I’m sure we can find a remedy that will work for you.

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