By Rick Riozza

We already know that diamonds are a girl’s best friend.  But here’s an update: the publication Her Campus from the University of Connecticut, recently wrote, “Ten Reasons Why Wine Is A Girl’s Best Friend.

And the publication’s arguments seem to fall well in the diamonds/wine comparisons:

  1. a) “Wine is always there for you”—diamonds too (yes—we’ve heard diamonds are forever.); (b) “wine can make you feel that you can conquer anything”—classy diamond rings, pendants, and earrings surely give women a presence and perhaps some gravitas as well; (c) “there’s a wine for every occasion”—diamonds work that way too, weddings, birthdays & anniversaries; (d) “wine is portable”—ditto that with diamonds; and, (d) “wine makes everyone look classy and feel sophisticated”—and diamonds, well, throughout history, speak quite well for themselves.

Alright—there were more examples in the article but no need. We simply needed an eclectic intro to get to our coverage on the new exciting business that just opened on El Paseo in Palm Desert: Eco Diamonds.


The owner is one of my dear wine quaffing friends, Michael Jacobs.  Actually, we share shared some similar characteristics: we both went to law school—although I practiced law and he became a business and real estate entrepreneur; we’re both lifelong guitarists with guitar collections; we’ve recorded music; and, of course, we’ve had some great wine collections—and we continue to enjoy some wonderful vintage wine as well.

But now, more importantly, it’s my pleasure to showcase his wonderful business & quest to rid the world of the terrible “blood diamond” trade by bringing eco-friendly diamonds to the resonsibly informed and jewelry caring public.

Interested—read on. For starters, here’s Eco Diamonds’s PR: “Can you believe that diamonds are grown nearly 93-124 miles below the Earth’s surface? During the creation process, a diamond is formed from high pressure and temperatures over an extended period. At Eco Friendly Diamonds of Palm Desert, CA, we grow our diamonds in a lab.

“These lab-grown gems are as accurate as the diamonds mined from the Earth. These gems have the same chemical, physical, and optical properties as mined diamonds. They also exhibit the same fire, scintillation, and spark you’d see with a traditionally grown diamond.

“At Affordable Eco-Diamonds, we work with lab-grown diamonds made in the USA. These diamonds are ethical and environmentally friendly. As mentioned above, they are identical to mined diamonds by DNA, chemical composition, and quality, except they are more affordable.  They are available in all shapes, sizes, color, and clarity and they are backed by certifications from GIA or IGI.

“We offer engagement and wedding rings, loose diamonds, necklaces, bracelets, pendants, and diamond stud earrings.

If you’d like to learn more about our diamonds, call us at 760-296-7400.

In my last conversation with Micheal, I asked how he came to know about this “lab diamond process”.  He said he was won over immediately when he attended the JCK Jewery Trade Show in Las Vegas last year.  Since Michael has owned jewelry stores on El Paseo in the past, he was able to attend, as the JCK is open to jewelry professionals exclusively.

At JCK he met with the “eco-diamond” scientists and learned about the process.  Michael now says he’s now in “education mode”, wishing to inform new and previous jewelry clients to the new way of the diamond world.  Michael, who is well versed in the diamond trade states: “the ‘blood diamond trade needs to be eradicated immediately!’”

Michael has assured clients and professionals that these eco-friendly diamonds are the real thing.  The Federal Trade Commission has stated that lab diamonds have the same—exact same, qualities of mined diamonds.  Diamond professionals all agree that both diamonds are indistinguishable.  “Eco-diamonds are indeed real diamonds.

The lab process is so interesting.  Micheal tells me that the “lab”, where the diamonds are processed, looks like a spaceship shuttle.  There, pure carbon is pressurized and heated to immense numbers, to create diamonds that match the process that occurred on earth.

And here’s the thing: the cost is a fraction of mined diamonds.  Michael tells us that he can provide stellar diamond jewelry at astonishing low prices.  Again, if you’re so inclined and would like to learn more about the diamonds, call Micheal at Eco Diamonds 760.296.7400. 73-200 El Paseo Ste 2E Palm Desert, CA 92260

By the way—wine is forever as well. As written in the book of Isaiah 25:6-8, at the end of the age, and when the Lord’s chosen is brought to heaven, He will throw a feast for all of his true followers—a feast of the finest foods and the finest vintage wines.  Cheers to that!!

The last wine Michael and I shared was the 2019 The Estates Cabernet Sauvignon Oakville ReserveHe loves Napa and Sonoma County Cabernets, and the 2019 Oakville Mondavi was Wine Spectator’s #6 Wine of 2022.

I’ve heard that this wine is no longer available in stores!!  But find it if you can: the aromas include ripe black plum, currant, ginger, vanilla, fennel, and nutmeg.  The palate is a full-bodied perfectly structured wine with black plum, blackberry, licorice, and herbs.  It paired beautifully with short rib risotto and steak salad.

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