Kiva Zip is a micro-lending effort that helps alleviate poverty. With as little as $5.00, you can be part of Kiva Zip and help upstart entrepreneurs at changing their life’s trajectory.

ShareKitchen is proud to announce its association with Kiva Zip as a trustee to this worthy group. Being a trustee means that we can sponsor upstart entrepreneurs at raising money.

ShareKitchen has three roles as a trustee. First, we identify potential borrowers. Second, we vet the character and creditworthiness of the borrower. Given that our team has nearly thirty years of lending experience, we are pretty good at that. Third, we provide ongoing support to the borrowers to help insure that they have every opportunity for success.

How much do ShareKitchen and Kiva Zip charge the borrower or lender? Nothing, nada, zero, ZIP! Lenders earn the same amount as us. This is not about making a monetary return on your money – it is about investing in people and changing lives!


Once a potential borrower is identified, a fundraising period is set and posted on Kiva Zip. Potential lenders review all of the information on that potential borrower and decide if they want to sponsor that business. If insufficient loans are committed during the fundraising period, the loan does not fund and all monies committed by lenders are returned. If enough money is raised, Kiva Zip sends the money to the entrepreneur by PayPal. While the loan is outstanding, the borrower keeps you informed as to their progress. You can communicate with them directly as well – for as little as $5.00!

The repayment rate on Kiva loans is 90% meaning that nine out of ten dollars lent are repaid.

Potential borrowers and lenders can learn more by going to or contacting us at