By Bronwyn Ison

As our summer concludes and our children return to school some of you may find this to be a bittersweet moment. We shift into our routines and it is time to accept reality. We are early to rise and early to bed. It is back to making lunches, doing homework and participating in extra curricular activities. Have you considered yoga for your child or children? The plethora of benefits for children will prove to be impactful for your child.

A 2003 study by California State University, Los Angeles found that Yoga improved students’ behavior, physical health and academic performance. Plus, boosting self-esteem. Thousands of schools across the country have implemented Yoga into the school curriculum. Yoga has also made its way into hospitals and studios. Implementing yoga programs for children is also a benefit for the parent. Eventually, yoga will prove to be an additional activity you can enjoy with your child. Your child is learning techniques that he or she will utilize the rest of their life.

Not only do adults have stressful lives, children experience their own stresses. Though we may think their lives are stress less they have their own battles to fight in the classroom and on the playground. Children can be very harsh to one another. For example name calling, bullying, and/or teasing. Some may be challenged with Autism, ADD, ADHD, behavioral problems or difficulty with motor skills. These young students are benefitting from Yoga. Just think your child can maintain their flexibility while growing into their bodies. If your child is an aspiring athlete, yoga is an excellent compliment to their sport. A child’s concentration and self-esteem can be taken to new levels by teaching them they can achieve greatness on their mat. Learning to be in the present rather than compressing everything. This will help your child stay engaged and focused while cultivating peacefulness. We have often had our child take a nap to get this awareness yet yoga has been known to have similar effects. Practicing yoga is a healthy alternative and outlet for stress management, encouraging creativity and piquing the imagination. The peer social interaction teaches children that we are all the same inside despite what we look like on the outside. We are living beings that feel and love. Yoga can inspire children to be patient, kind, accepting and respectful of others and self. As a child grows they can learn more about their personal body awareness. A child will recognize their strengths and how the body moves. The practice also encourages discipline and responsibility.


Evolve Yoga in La Quinta is pleased to announce a children’s yoga program, Yogability with SueAnn Etabar. Classes begin Wednesday, September 4 ~ 4:00pm-4:50. Ages 5-11. The program is offered by monthly enrollment or and/or drop-in’s. Children’s mat space is LIMITED. Reserve your space today!