By Bobby Taffolla

Are you lacking…. Zazz?  Well, you’ve come to the right place!  According to the Urban Dictionary, ‘Zazz’ is “A quantifiable amount of something special”. The Higher the amount of ‘Zazz’ the more likely it is to be successful and awesome.  Speaking of something awesome, Zazzcraft is a brand-new clothing line that specializes in in graphic tee’s with a ‘Band Shirt’ aesthetic brought to you by The After Lashes bass player extraordinaire, Serene Noell.

Zazzcraft’s Tee’s feature graphic created by Serene herself.  Her newly launched website, currently features multiple designs on classic sleeve and long sleeve T’s.  We sat down for a quick Q & A with Serene to ask her about all that Zazz

CVW: What is the inspiration behind your designs?


Serene: I’m inspired by the art from vintage sci-fi, fantasy and horror books and I bring them to life like they were to go on a badass album cover.

CVW: There seems to be a “heavy metal band shirt” aesthetic, was that something you wanted to do specifically or was that something that happened naturally?

Serene: I’ve been itching to design band shirts, and I figured I would channel that into my brand.

CVW: currently sells graphic tee’s exclusively, is there any plans to expand into other clothing/accessories/merchandise?

Serene: Yes, I am expanding outside of t-shirts. I just made some new sexy tops available on the website. Check it out!

CVW: What are some of your goals moving forward with Zazzcraft?

Serene: I want to vendor at shows and markets for my next goal!

CVW: If someone is wearing a Zazzcraft tee and someone asks them to name 3 songs, how should they answer?

You would say “this band friggin sucks but they have dope merch!”

To Zazz up your existence, visit today!